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Posted by Nancy on January 15, 2009

It’s seven below here tonight, and heading lower.  Here’s a suggestion for Al Gore’s inconveniently dishonest book:


We would not all be burdened with Obama and his minions willing to damage our economy and socialize our country, all for a half-baked theory based on GIGO computer modelling, if it weren’t for the complicity of the Main Stream Media – also known as the Malpractice Media.  They bombard us with a constant drumbeat of global warming, global warming, global warming, even though there is no proof such a thing exists. 

Meanwhile, socialist Carol Browner is welcomed as the new environmental czar of the incoming Obama administration.  She who believes in controlling the economies of the developed countries by controlling their CO2 output, since naturally occurring carbon dioxide is going to cook us all.

In fact, 2008 was the coldest year since 1997 and was just slightly above the 20th century average.


There is an excellent article on the media today by Selwyn Duke at American Thinker:

The reality is that the mainstream media are thoroughly corrupt — manifesting itself in a lack of both conscientiousness and honor — which leads to incompetence and duplicity.  It deals in half-truths, the suppression of facts, the exaltation of evil and savaging of the sublime, and outright lies all the time.  And we could use up countless gigabytes compiling examples.


 It’s much like a computer.  If the data input is incorrect, so will the output be (the same is true if the data is incomplete, yet we still encourage people with insufficient data to vote).  If, for instance, stories about how guns are used to commit crime are showcased but those about how they’re used to thwart it are suppressed, people will be more likely to conclude that firearm ownership should be prohibited.  If the electorate is made to believe that climate change is the handiwork of man, their very logical conclusion will be that man can and should do something about it.  If you convince people that the symptoms are something they’re not, they will make the wrong diagnosis and prescribe a drug that doesn’t treat what truly ails us but often has some very nasty side effects.

If I’ve been a bit verbose, perhaps it’s because I’m trying to describe something for which words are insufficient.  It’s much like when the Morpheus character in the movie The Matrix said that no one could be told what the Matrix is, that you have to see it for yourself.  Our matrix media (along with academia and the popular culture) has constructed an all-encompassing faux reality that cannot truly be understood unless you step outside of it.  For the average person this means, first, being willing to question all his basic suppositions about political and social reality, as these have been shaped by the matrix media.  The second requirement is to embark upon a Reality 101 course on the Internet, where the wheat can at least be found amidst the chaff.  You see, unlike the movie, our virtual world is in a way more real than the “real” world.  (emphasis added)

We all need to step outside the faux reality and educate ourselves.  The information is there – we just have to do the research and be the editors.


2 Responses to “”

  1. smellytourist said

    Which is why I think we should all hunt polar bears!

  2. Ashley said

    I wonder if Browner is waking up to the fact that the world can no longer afford all those climate change schemes. Carbon taxes and credits, what a sham! Sure sounded great to the big government clan though. Thank God for solar cycles, just in time to make fools out of the closed minded.

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