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Message to Obama – Words Don’t Count, Actions Do

Posted by Nancy on January 21, 2009

Obama starts his presidency by channeling Nelson Mandela, with efforts at Truth and Reconciliation?  It’s not enough to compare himself to Lincoln ad nauseum?  According to CNN:

As his first official action after being sworn in, President Barack Obama signed three documents Tuesday, including a proclamation declaring a day of national renewal and reconciliation.

Why do I suspect it is conservatives who are supposed to reconcile themselves to him, rather than that he also needs to respect the opinions of others?  Those who believe the Founding Fathers were inspired when they created our Constitution and our country need more than “just words” from him.

Words are nice, and proclamations can be very attractive once framed, but actions are what counts.  Calling for reconciliation while making no effort to address the boorish behavior of supporters shows that he brings empty rhetoric. 

How much booing and jeering “nah nah nah nah, hey hey, bye bye”  would the massive security forces in attendance have tolerated had it been aimed at Obama?  Common decency and courtesy are beyond those who did this, for no matter what their beliefs George W. Bush has been their president for eight years and deserves respect.

When I was a kid one of the worst things someone could say to you was “Your mama would be ashamed of what you just did.”  Somehow, I suspect their mamas were proud, booing right along with them.  Is this what our society has come to?

This behavior reflected poorly on Obama, not Bush, because it was he who had shown by example that rude and dismissive behavior is acceptable.  Remember the incident where he gave Hillary “the finger” on camera during a speech and smirked as the audience laughed?  He leads, they follow.

He has also shown us, with willing complicity from the media, that facts are fungible.  Inconvenient ones disappear and are replaced by others created out of thin air.  His official presidential website now brags about how he immediately came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina survivors while the Bush administration was unprepared and left behind broken promises.  No words are wasted on truthful nuances, no efforts at identifying rightful responsibility, just promises of largesse under Obama.

Meanwhile his supporters have left behind Hurricane Latrina.  They couldn’t even bother to clean up after themselves.  But why should they?  Everything is now the government’s responsibility, and the government has plenty of money to waste use creating jobs picking up trash.

Here is a view of The Mall in yesterday’s aftermath.

I will pray for Obama’s success, that he have the wisdom to make appropriate choices and the strength to follow through on those choices.  I will pray that he be able to stand up to those who believe they own him and the Democratic party and expect favors in return for their massive financial contributions.  I will especially pray that we are still a free capitalist society at the end of his term in office.

God help us all.  Please.


4 Responses to “Message to Obama – Words Don’t Count, Actions Do”

  1. Tami said


  2. Christina said

    What she said. Amen and amen!

  3. Nicki said

    I have another suggestion for your prayers: that you gain the open heart, ears, eyes and mind to accept success when it occurs instead of looking for failure at every turn, even when it needs to be invented, stretched or otherwise manipulated, in order to reinforce your mind’s foregone conclusion.

    I agree with you completely – disrespect (whether it was all those awful actions and comments McCain tolerated during the race or whether it’s inaugural attendees) should never be tolerated and although the 78% of this country that is happy to see Bush out of office is breathing a collective sigh of relief today, we can and should do it with respect.

  4. Nancy said


    You misunderstand – I will be thrilled to acknowledge success when it occurs. I will not celebrate it before it arrives, however, like so many are doing. And I get to determine whether it is success or not, just as the Democrats did these past eight years with Bush. I have never seen such unwarranted character assassination of a politician in my life, and I’ve lived a long time.

    I will give Obama the same respect the Democrats have shown George Bush. My eyes, ears and mind will be open to what Obama does, then I will judge according to my understanding of what is best for our country.

    The Democrats can’t get all holier than thou when their man gets in office and expect everyone to genuflect.

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