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Mr. Price Goes To Washington

Posted by necessarygrace on February 13, 2009

God Bless him, Rep. Price is doing the best James Stewart imitation I’ve seen in a long time.

He is referring to this resolution which passed the house unanimously:

Mr. LEWIS of California moves to instruct the managers on the part of the House that they shall not record their approval of the final conference agreement (as such term is used in clause 12(a)(4) of rule XXII of the Rules of the House of Representatives) unless the text of such agreement has been available to the managers in an electronic, searchable, and downloadable form for at least 48 hours prior to the time described in such clause.

Apparently the democrats had no problems voting in favor of this because they knew it held no legal weight, whatsoever. This must be the “hope” and “change” Obama promised us. Not that Obama’s word is worth anything… He promised to give “every bill” 5 DAYS of “sunshine” (time to be read) before he signed it. He broke that promise last month, so I’m sure he’ll have no qualms doing so again.

Mr. Smith was able to fight the corruption in Washington because he was able to inform the public (though he certainly had issues with the media as well… some things never change). The question is, are there enough people NOT drinking the Obama cool aid who will stand up and speak out? Time is running out… if you haven’t placed a call to your representative or senator, please, do it NOW.


2 Responses to “Mr. Price Goes To Washington”

  1. Lilola said

    Bless his heart!! Now if we could get a few more people to care!!

  2. tryingtraditional said

    I can not for the life of me think of why people are clogging the phones lines over this. Have we truly become a nation that just sits back and watches it all unfold? Our news has become entertainment, perhaps now our government is too.

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