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Sen. Roland Burris (D., Ill.) Should Resign

Posted by Nancy on February 18, 2009

Let’s see if I can remember how this is all connected.

    Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama used the same fundraiser, Tony Rezko, before Rezko was indicted for illegal activities.  Then Blagojevich, who knew he was being investigated for fundraising irregularities, still openly tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat to a cadre of questionable characters.  Harry Reid promised the Senate would not seat anyone Blagojevich nominated to the seat, but when Blago appointed Roland Burris and he showed up they only kept him waiting a few days before welcoming him with open arms.

The official script was that they couldn’t refuse to seat a distinguished politician with such an unblemished record of moral rectitude.

Do I have it right so far? 

Meanwhile, Roland Burris serially gave testimony that:  Roland Burris with Rod Blagojevich

  1. He had no contact with anyone in the Blagojevich camp while angling for the Senate seat.  
  2. He talked with an advisor or two, but not about money or Senate seats
  3. He talked with Robert Blagojevich, brother and fund-raiser-in-chief of the former governor, but they didn’t talk about money or Senate seats either. 
  4. His fourth version of events (stay with me here) now has him trying to organize a fundraiser for Blagojevich while discussing his possible nomination to said open Senate seat – but it doesn’t count. The fundraiser never materialized because none of his contacts were willing to give any money, so no harm no foul as it were.

These versions, or at least some of them, were told under oath.  As in – perjured testimony.

Robert Blagojevich acknowledges that the feds have at least one phone conversation between him and Burris on tape.  Perhaps Burris’ story has morphed as this realization has sunk in?

At least I haven’t heard that he is in arrears on his taxes.

I have heard he runs a lobbying firm, though.  From Politico:

He now runs the lobbying and consulting firm Burris & Lebed Consulting. That might make him ineligible to work in the Obama administration, but it doesn’t rule him out of the Senate. Blagojevich declared him to be a man of “unquestioned integrity” in announcing his appointment.

Let’s not forget it was the Illinois Democratic party that first promised an election to fill the vacant seat, then rescinded that offer when they realized the election might actually be won by a Republican.

Finally, from yesterday’s Chicago Tribune:

There’s only one honorable action for Burris: resign.

Strip this whole wretched process out of the hands of the politicians and give it back to the people.

With all the cadavers that vote in Cook County can they even count on an honest election?


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