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A Million Dollars Every Single Day

Posted by Nancy on February 20, 2009

Spend a million dollars every day from the day Jesus was born until today, and you still won’t have spent as much as Congress just did with their porkulus spending bill.

Speak for yourself, Sen. Schumer.  I care a whole lot about your “porky little amendments.” 

After a lifetime of playing by the rules, not going into debt, paying the mortgage, saving, and in general acting in a fiscally responsible manner, my husband and I now find our future coming smack up against a federal government that thinks it has the right to take the fruits of our labors and spread them around to those who have acted irresponsibly.  To add insult, we are accused of being cowards and racists if we complain.

Guess what, it’s those who can’t stop talking about race that are the racists.*  They need to get over themselves and get to work saving our country’s economy instead of apportioning it out to those who didn’t earn it.

Everyone who would like to be forced to pay for their neighbor’s mortgage please raise your hand.  Then leave a message in the comments section and tell me how you think that will work for you.  In fact, let’s have a little unscientific poll here, and everyone’s thoughts are welcome in the comments section.

Now, not only is the government taking taxpayer money to pay people’s mortgages, but the “community organizers” are breaking into homes and occupying them, in broad daylight and on camera, claiming it is their “right.”  Will they be arrested and prosecuted, or pandered to and allowed to continue their destruction of our country’s rule of law?

It’s time to stop talking about rights and get back to responsibilities; good luck with that, though.

*In the interest of full disclosure, three members of my family are of other races, including the race Eric Holder is a member of and doesn’t seem comfortable with.


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