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Did You Watch the Potentate’s Speech?

Posted by E. on February 25, 2009

Did you watch the speech last night?

I did, of course.

Until I fell asleep, that is.

Here are some thoughts I had prior to loosing consciousness:

  • Nancy Pelosi is probably the only woman in the world who can wear a pea-soup-green suit and not look like a pile of sick.
  • Here comes the Cabinet members.  Hmm . . . Yikes!  I’ve seen pictures of that guy before, but I’ve never actually seen him.  Mark my words, someday we will find out he is a child molester.
  • Finally, Obama is here, waiting to be announced.  Good lord, could he hold his chin any higher back there?  He does realize, doesn’t he, that it isn’t snowing and there won’t be anything to catch on his tongue.  Right??  He’s going to wake up with a painful kink in his neck tomorrow morning.
  • Enough of the clapping already.  I didn’t tune in and wait and extra 10 minutes for this man to show up just to waste my time watching televised clapping.
  • Great.  It looks like the whole thing is going to be about clapping.  Sit back down, Nancy.
  • Why can’t politicians actually speak when they give a speech?  You know, speak from the heart, as if they really mean something.  Why is every speech just a carefully crafted succession of sound bites?
  • Will somebody just give Nancy Pelosi some pom poms already?
  • Let me get this straight Mr. Potentate, you’re saying 95% of America is going to get a tax cut, you’ve just spent an extra fragillion dollars,  you have the debt you inherited, AND you are going to cut the deficit in half by the end of your first term?  What next?  Are you going to pull a rabbit out of a hat?  Maybe saw a woman in half?  Please let it be Nancy Pelosi.
  • So, when you say you are going to cut the national debt in half, are you just referring to the inherited debt, or are you referring to that PLUS the insane amounts of money you’ve just committed, by law, to spend?  I think I know.
  • No earmarks in that bill.  *SNORT*
  • Did the Speaker of the House just finish up a week of cheerleading camp, or what?
  • Need to get the credit flowing again?  *Yawn*  Really, how many times are you going to beat that drum?  Any thinking person knows we’re in the trouble we’re in because too much credit was flowing.  It makes no sense to say we can fix that by giving people more credit.  We’re smarter than that Mr. Potentate.  Move along.
  • Kudos to the republicans for having enough spine to stay in your seats while the rest of the room is following Nancy’s lead and doing the wave. 
  • Yes, you’ve finally said something with which I can agree.  Education does need to start at home.  Just don’t start regulating that, mm’kay?
  • Good grief.  She’s jumped up AGAIN and is clapping AGAIN.  That must be one well-made bra that woman is sporting under her pea-soup-green get-up.
  • ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

3 Responses to “Did You Watch the Potentate’s Speech?”

  1. Jennifer said

    Elaine, you are the BEST!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

  2. Tami said

    I missed the original performance, but after that recap I think I’ve learned everything I need to. Bwwwaaaaahaaaaaa! 🙂

  3. tryingtraditional said

    Pretty good. We thought Nancy was looking awful giddy, like a child on Christmas morning. At one point she looked as if her cheeks were hurting from all her grinning. It was really distracting from the entertainment, errr…speech. And, I’m not so sure the pea-soup-green looked all that good on her.

    I have to wonder in another 2-3 years how much of this speech will be quoted against the man. Really, no earmarks? Cut the deficit in half while spending more?

    Did you catch the part on charter schools, traditionally Democrats are against them if I am thinking right. Perhaps what we know now as a charter school will be different. Shoot, anything could happen when the magic wand starts waving, right?

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