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Saudi Lobbyist Obama’s Worst Appointment Yet

Posted by Nancy on March 1, 2009

What will it take to wake up the American people, and the somnolent and slobberingly slavish media, to the dangerous direction Obama is taking the country?  How many corrupt, naive, and/or dangerous appointees can we abide when it comes to national security issues?

From Peggy Shapiro on American Thinker blog (if you don’t have time to read the whole article, please at least check out items F and G below):

Two congressmen are demanding the answer to this question:

Which of the following would disqualify a person for the position of chairman of the National Intelligence Council, whose “goal is to provide policymakers with the best information: unvarnished, unbiased and without regard to whether the analytic judgments conform to current U.S. policy”?     

A.  Heading an organization which accepted $1 million donation from the Saudis;

B. Lobbying for the Saudi government;

C. Accusing Israel of Nazis tactics;

D. Denying claims of any historical Jewish presence in Jerusalem and blaming Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East;

E. Publishing anti-Semitic canards such as the U.S. sacrificing its self interests because of a powerful Jewish cabal;

F. Promoting public schools textbooks which the independent Textbook League describe as  “a vehicle for disseminating disinformation, including a multitude of false, distorted or utterly absurd claims that are presented as historical facts. …[with] three principal purposes: inducing teachers to embrace Islamic religious beliefs; inducing teachers to embrace political views that are favored by the MEPC, Middle East Policy Council (formerly the American Arab Affairs Council)…; and impelling teachers to disseminate those religious beliefs and political views in schools”;

G. Marketing educational materials which recreate world history and refer to the land of Israel only as Palestine and claim that native American Iroquois and Algonquin chiefs had names like “Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik“;

H. Blaming the U.S. for the terror attack of 9/11;

I.  Praising Hamas as the only democratically elected government in the Arab world and excusing terrorism as a response to Israel’s and the U.S.  “unreasoning hostility and condemnation.”

Two congressmen are answering, “All of the above” in response to the appointment of Chas W. Freeman Jr.  for the chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council.

Those two congressmen are Mark Steven Kirk (R-IL) and Eric Cantor (R-VA).  Thank you to both of them.

Contact your congressman (or woman) and let him know the nomination of such an openly biased and intellectually dishonest person cannot stand.  You can find their contact information at


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