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The Cure for Poverty

Posted by Nancy on March 2, 2009

The following article by Herbert E. Meyer, called The Cure for Poverty is long but excellent.  In about 6,000 words he explains how wealth is created, what has to be in place before that can happen, what an entrepreneur is and why we need them, why and how the world has been emerging from poverty, and what went wrong with our economy.

This, pure and simply, is what lies behind the horrific economic crash of 2008. Experts will tell you that the 2008 crash was triggered by “the bursting of the housing bubble” and by a bunch of stupid, greedy, crooked CEOs on Wall Street. And that’s true. But it was the failure of our elected officials to keep that housing bubble from forming in the first place, and to catch those Wall Street crooks before they wrecked our country’s banking system – in other words, the failure of our elected officials to monitor our country’s free market “atmosphere” and to make the necessary adjustments in time – that drove us into the ditch.

He then explains how we can get out of the ditch, and how disastrous it will be for the whole world if we don’t get it right.

For those who would prefer, you can download a podcast or Mp3 Audio of the article.  Links are at the top left of the page.


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