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Another Bailout, And This One With Twelve Zeroes

Posted by Nancy on March 12, 2009

I saw Timothy Geithner on TV tonight, finally putting a price on the next bailout package the administration claims will be necessary.

One TRILLION Dollars!  Will this never end?

Washington politicians demonize everything that could possibly help the economy, from energy companies to banks to Wall Street investors, while living it up themselves and expecting us to trust government as they controll every aspect of our existence.  Meanwhile, the vast American middle class is evaporating, watching their home equity, 401(k), life savings, investments, and jobs disappear. 

Speaking of energy companies, an MIT study estimates Obama’s proposed carbon cap and trade scheme could cost every American family an additional $3,000 annually to heat their home, drive their car, etc.

Is that change you can believe in?


One Response to “Another Bailout, And This One With Twelve Zeroes”

  1. Elaine said

    OH my word! That Dilbert cartoon is brilliant!

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