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Whose Mess Is This?

Posted by Nancy on March 27, 2009

A graphic demonstration of how much of this mess was created during the Bush administration and how much Obama gets credit for, from the Washington Post:

Projected Deficit

In case someone tries to tell you that the 2009 budget is really George Bush’s budget, remind them of the following:
  • the $787 billion stimulus package was all Obama’s idea.  Not only was it his idea, but it passed with ZERO Republican votes in the house and only three in the Senate. 
  • another $410 billion was added to the 2009 budget just last month, with only 16 Republican votes (out of 245 yeas) in the House and eight (of 62) in the Senate. 
  • Bush only used the first half of TARP funding last year, leaving the second $350 billion for Obama – in case it was needed.  (How many minutes did it take Obama to ask for and get it?)

Together those three chunks of spending add up to over $1.5 trillion, out of the expected $1.8 trillion deficit.  And those future projections?  Do you really believe those, with health care, cap and trade, and everything else they are throwing at us?

Whose budget is it again? 

It belongs to Obama and his Democratic cohorts, those paragons of virtue who have made a conscious decision to keep $100,000 of Bernie Madoff’s campaign donations

And the media don’t even report it.


One Response to “Whose Mess Is This?”

  1. Lilola said

    And… the budget proposed by President Bush was deliberately put on hold by the Democrat controlled Congress. They believed, unfortunately correctly, that their majority would grow and that the president would also be a democrat. They waited until after the new session to address and change the budget!

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