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Our Brilliant President

Posted by Nancy on April 6, 2009

Some claim he is the most intelligent man ever to sit in the Oval Office.

Others think he has can’t be too bright or well-educated if he doesn’t know there is no such language as Austrian.  He doesn’t do well without his teleprompters, does he?

During the G-20 in London he was caught by two cameras bowing deeply to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, a bow that was not reciprocated.  (55 seconds in)  

Heads of state do not bow and scrape before one another, and show such deference and subordination.  Why did he bow to this king, the keeper of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina?

Obama also spoke in effusive praise of the 2002 Saudi Arabia peace initiative for Israel, which would guarantee Israel peace in return for:

  • giving up Gaza, the entire West Bank, all of East Jerusalem, and the entire Old City of Jerusalem (including their most holy shrine the Western Wall);
  • displacing one-half million Jews; and
  • allowing all Palestinians and their descendants the right of return, which would turn Israel into an Arab country. 

In essence, he praised a plan that has been adopted by the entire Arab League and would mean the end of Israel.  His special envoy to the mid-east, George Mitchell, then said the administration will be incorporating that proposal into their Middle East policy.

Is Obama ignorant, is he naive, or is he cunning?  Pick one.

Maybe he’s just audacious.


4 Responses to “Our Brilliant President”

  1. Sidney Carton said

    One problem in a world that is filming 24/7 is that it makes the wisest look like fools, by finding the one goof of the day, (and we all have them) and then airing it repeatedly. Hence Hillary Clinton is depicted as a shrill harpy, George W. Bush a buffoon, and Dick Cheney a sinister old man. Are any of these true? Hardly. but we all have screw-ups, the media makes these failings into our defining characteristics.

  2. Nancy said

    Actually, the media don’t show Obama’s screw-ups. They make his brilliant oration his defining characteristic, even though he can’t speak two coherent sentences in a row without a TelePrompTer. They are beginning to show the TelePrompTers though, so that is progress.

    I can just see the 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage if Bush or Cheney had referred to the Austrian language. Remember Dan Quayle misspelling potato? They pilloried him for years over that. But have you seen anything in the MSM about Obama and the Austrian language? Didn’t think so.

  3. Sidney Carton said

    Are you not pillorying him now? Is the Blogosphere not a part of the “new media?” You may not be CNN, but you are also not the only one bringing this up. Obama’s flaws are as much up for grabs as Pres. Bush’s were. If you feel Obama is getting a pass, perhaps it is because he carries himself in public better than his predecessor, and feels less a need to ham it up for the cameras?

  4. Nancy said

    Pillorying him? Posting clips of him? I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. You see someone who “carries himself better” while I see someone who is an accomplished actor who stumbles when he goes off script.

    For all his fumbles and foibles, at least Bush seemed like a real person. And if you think Obama doesn’t ham it up for the cameras, check the goofy grin in the photo-op near the end of the clip of the G-20 summit. Everyone else looks like someone posing self-consciously for the camera, while he looks like he has spent many, many hours practicing that smile.

    Anyway, what difference does it make if blogs with limited readership show his warts while the MSM, with their millions of viewers, cover for him? The masses remain uninformed/misinformed.

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