All The News That Fits

The Funny, The Scary, and The Ugly

Posted by Nancy on April 7, 2009

While our Democratic leaders are busy rigging the census and Obama is busy apologizing for America, news in the real world continues to grow bleaker. 

And odder.  With Obama as GM’s car designer in chief, is this where we’re all headed?  GM is partnering with Segway to develope this, er-umm “car” by 2012. 

Segway and GM

Today’s Assigned Reading (for the brave of heart):

Welcome To The Dark Ages  Truly scary.  You thought Iran and North Korea wanted nuclear bombs to attack us on the ground, but an Electromagnetic Pulse attack is far more effective.  And devastating.

Farewell To Zion Is it too late to save Israel?  If they try to save themselves will Obama use the United States military to stop them?

Communities Printing Local Cash  Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, it keeps the money flowing locally.


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