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Global Warming Data Hoax

Posted by Nancy on April 9, 2009

For those who still worry about the Earth heating up and reaching a “tipping point,” read this article to see the quality of research being done to support that theory.

Catlin Biotelemetry Data

What kind of scientist starts out to prove the degree of a hypothesis, not whether the hypothesis is true?  And what kind of science puts fake data on a website about such basic things as the well-being of the scientists and whether their ice-measuring equipment works?  If they can’t be honest about the fact their equipment malfunctioned from day one, how can they expect people to believe any information they bring back? 

Read some of the comments, for many of the commenters on this blog are real scientists who look at both sides.  Go to some of the later comments too, say after about the 200th one.  I find them fascinating.

Will the MSM report on the fraud being perpetrated here, or sweep that under the rug and only give us the “scientific data” they bring back.  That information will certainly show the ice is thinning dramatically since that is what they set out to “prove.”

Now read this post,  which uses information from military buoys to show the Arctic ice is thickening.  In fact, between the Arctic and Antarctic ice, there is about a half million square kilomoters of sea ice in the world more than normal, and the Arctic ice was twice as thick as anticipated during a recent flyover study.


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