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The Meaning of Words (Part I)

Posted by Doug S on June 2, 2009

There are plenty of others who may discuss how our country has lost its way in better terms than I might. But it doesn’t make what I, or anyone else, might say any less relevant. Our journey off the path has been gradual such that it has gone unnoticed by most. But how? What is it that has made it that we have been seemingly blind for so long to the steady progress to this modern era of socialism in the United States?

And yes, I said it: modern era of socialism in the United States.

My personal opinion is that we have been lost by the meaning of words. I’ve often wondered “Do all people perceive the color blue in the same way?” It’s really a philosophical question about how we see the world around us. But regardless of whether we do or not, we can all point to the sky and agree that it is blue, whatever that may mean to each of us individually. Words however no longer hold their original meaning and have instead been used to demonize one group or another, one individual or another, to the point that it is nearly impossible to divine the truth of what is real and what is fiction. Words do not have that tangibility to them. They used to, but they no longer do.

For those who have been reading Cleon Skousen’s “The Five Thousand Year Leap”, on page 255 there is a quote from Daniel Webster (yes, that Webster)

“And whatever may be said to the contrary, a correct use of the English language is, at this day [1843], more general throughout the United States than it is throughout England itself.”

I don’t think this would be the way I would describe the use of the English language in our country now. To the contrary, I have read studies in the past citing the continuing downward useage of our language from generation to generation. My generation uses a significantly smaller percentage of the words available in the standard dictionary than my parents’ generation. And their generation less than their parents. Societally we have sought to further bleed meaning from our words by espousing such nonsense as Ebonics and not expecting those immigrating to our county to learn and speak English.

To that end we have lost the ability to truly dialog about the direction our country is headed. Evil has become good and good evil through the contortion of meaning. I think it will be a useful exercise to revisit what some of the things we say, what some of the terms we use to describe each other, really mean. If we don’t know how we are truly defining ourselves, then how can we hope to define, and therfore solve, our problems?


One Response to “The Meaning of Words (Part I)”

  1. The Glenn Beck Review said

    Do you know about the man behind the lists and the books? I have an expose up for the weekend about Cleon Skousen that you might enjoy. Can you handle the truth? Interesting comments have been made by people who saw Skousen speak are there too.

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