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Read the Bill!

Posted by liloladenvers on July 9, 2009

Congress Should Take Its Time

You didn’t have the time to read the 1100 page stimulus bill. And neither did members of Congress—by their own choice. Most lawmakers—on both sides of the aisle—were only given 13 hours to read the bill before it was passed. is a commonsense solution – we want Congress to post all bills online for 72 hours before they are debated. That gives members of Congress – and you – three days to read legislation and consider how it could potentially affect each of us in our daily lives. A 72 hour rule would also give you a chance to let your senators and representative in Congress know what you like, or don’t like, about a bill before they vote.

If no one is taking the time to read these crucial pieces of legislation, then no one knows what’s in them before they are passed.

Please take time to sign the petition and call your congressperson and Senators.

Read the Bill


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