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Do They Think We’re Two?

Posted by necessarygrace on July 28, 2009

When my kids were little, I had a simple way of dealing with their emotional outbursts. If they threw a tantrum or started crying, all it took was a little distraction to make them forget their problems. It looked a little like this:

**Two year old screaming for toy that sibling just took**

“Oh look honey, there’s a pretty bird outside!!”

**Child’s head whips around, runs over to window, starts babbling about the bird. Toy is forgotten.**

As my kids got older, this tactic stopped working so well. They were better at expressing their frustrations and expected better explanations from me too. Our interactions matured into calm, rational discussions.

Sadly, the Democrats and the mainstream media seem to be unaware of this maturation process. They prefer to deal with Conservatives concerns and complaints as though we are a bunch of two year olds. Case in point? ObamaCare.

As it becomes more and more apparent that the Democrat’s healthcare bill (written to specifications handed down by Obama) is not strong enough to stand on its own merits, they’ve resorted to distraction tactics. Not just any distraction will do… because let’s face it, in every political arena, they are at the losing end of debate. So, in true Liberal fashion, they are going with the old standby: Paint Conservatives as Nutjobs. It goes like this:

**Conservatives point out the myriad of flaws and dangers in the Healthcare bill.**

** Liberals: Oh LOOK! Crazy Conservative “Truthers” say Obama’s not a US citizen! Look over here! We found a Hawaiin official who will attest to his birth!! But those crazy Conservatives will never believe it! They are NUTJOBS! **

Sadly for the Liberals, this is not working on rational Conservatives the way it works on a 2 year old (and also, apparently, most of their followers). While we may have very valid concerns about a man holding the presidency who refuses to produce any documentation of any kind on a huge variety of serious topics, we are mature enough to know there is a time and a place. (And besides, what happens if Obama steps down? President Biden anyone? Thanks, but NO!)

What kills me is the media keeps hammering away at this story, as if by repetition they can make it true. And of course if they can convince enough of America (most of whom think Jon Stewart is a reliable source for objective NEWS) that Conservatives Are Crazy well then, they won’t have to bother with an intelligent debate on the issues. Well, wake up President Obama, Democrats and your state-run media! It’s NOT WORKING. Stop pointing at the pretty bird out the window and JOIN US in a rational mature debate … if you can.


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