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Please, Report Me to the New White House Snitch Czar

Posted by E. on August 5, 2009

While the above videos are about health care reform (or health insurance reform, or just plain health reform (the White House keeps changing its terminology du jour) (and what in the heck is “health reform” anyway?  gonna make me sick if I’m not already?) ) this post is really to call your attention to the new governmental request that you rat out your neighbor, comrade.

If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

That from the official White House website, which claims that the above videos are fishy because they inaccurately portray the Potentate’s views on health care.  The more accurate views, they say, are in clips like this one (that they claim we won’t show you):

Seriously, I’d rather have not included it just because SIX MINUTES LONG!  But really, about the first two minutes are banter between a member of the press corps and Dumbo (hey, HE is the one who thinks his ears are big, it’s in the video), so you can skip forward to the 2 minute mark if you want (but you may miss the ear insecurity).  Anyway, if you watch the whole video, listen carefully to what he is saying.  And remember this very important word:  SUBTEXT.

So, watch the first two videos and listen to what he has been saying for years, and then watch the White House video and listen to what he is saying now, and really?  They aren’t all that inconsistent (how many times does he use the word “if” when speaking about private health insurance?).  The White House just thinks we’re too stupid to see it.

But, we’re not.  At least, I’m not.

So, there you go.  I’ve blogged negatively on the web about President Obama and his ideas on health care reform.  Lucky for you, the White House has set up its official snitch line.  Go ahead.  Be a stooge.  Report me.

Then, if Obama makes it into a second term, sit back, relax, and watch history begin repeating itself (speaking of long, you’ll want to scroll down and start with the quote about Moshe the Beadle).


2 Responses to “Please, Report Me to the New White House Snitch Czar”

  1. Uncle Barack Wants You! ….. To Be a Rat Fink! …..
    If I were a Russian immigrant to this country, shivers would be running down my spine about now. But I’m not from Russia. As an American, that grew up knowing only freedom, it’s hard to wrap my brain around this latest and very Progressive idea. Uncle Barack like Uncle Joe, Uncle Fidel and Uncle Hugo lust for control and he has learned their lessons well. Bring the hammer down, pit one neighbor against another, preserve the Party line at all costs. If this were a sports analogy one would notice that the Obama administration is not trying to defeat their opponents with the “superiority” of their ideas but seek victory by silencing their adversaries and from keeping them from even walking onto the field. A victory by “forced forfeit” is still a victory. And one to be proud of! One would be tempted to call this KGB like Obama tactic “neo fascist”, but that would imply that he was a new convert to this way of thinking. These seeds have been festering for many years in Obama, his mentors, his associates and in what would probably be a majority of his Cabinet. (especially the “czars”). As Americans, we can appreciate new ideas put forth by our elected leaders. But these leaders must realize that ultimately they are in D.C. to “represent” us,the people. In other words, do as “we” say, represent our way of thinking, not the other way round. Being from the “Chicago Machine” a place rich in anti “rat fink” sentiment, this break from tradition seems a little odd. But with Obama “political expediency” will always win out. To paraphrase, “my lies won’t work if the truth gets out”. “Please help me, be a snitch, a rat fink”. “As a citizen, being a tattletale is your highest calling”. Da, Uncle Barack, da!

  2. Will they be coming to take me to a FEMA camp for not liking his plan? I am turning in myself and am going to help Rush Limbaugh make you fail!

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