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Speaking of Ineffecient Government Programs… UPDATED

Posted by Nancy on August 12, 2009

There are some things you should never mention. Comparing the inefficient postal service to profitable private enterprise would probably be one of them if you are trying to convince Americans to turn their healthcare over to the government.

How could anyone better encapsulate the concerns Americans have about government run health care?

He should have taken his TelePrompTers with him. 

It will be curious to see how this statement gets spinned to say anything other than “private enterprise does a better job than the federal government.”


Now they mock him. While not direct criticism, it is more devastating.


One Response to “Speaking of Ineffecient Government Programs… UPDATED”

  1. Lilola said

    And, they are successful even though they are prohibited from competing on first class mail. Just think how quickly the USPS would be out of business if there was truly free competition!!

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