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MSNBC Shows Appalling Prejudice

Posted by Nancy on August 20, 2009

Between Chris Matthews’ tingling leg and anything Keith Olbermann says, it has become obvious that MSNBC is not as much a news outlet as it is a purveyor of a political agenda.  I wonder if they’re getting paid with TARP funds?

This recent episode shows they are willing to deceive and fabricate racial discord from whole cloth.

Watch this “news item” about guns at an Obama appearance.

Gosh, they sure crop that image of the man with the gun really close, don’t they.  Wonder why they don’t show the “white racist” who would bring a semi-automatic to a presidential townhall?  They show other men’s faces.  I mean, this guy must be one mean dude to carry such a powerful gun, so you would think they would want to show him off to prove their point, right?

Now look at the picture of the man carrying the gun.

If you think the good folks at MSNBC were unaware of the man’s race, you are much more gullible altruistic than I am.

So, who are the racists here?  MSNBC for fomenting racial hatred with false facts, or people who legally carry guns?

I wonder why everyone else in the photo is in t-shirts and shorts, but this man is in a long sleeved shirt and long pants? 

I’m sure it wasn’t a setup so someone could get a picture of him carrying that gun at a presidential appearance.  But if it was, those long sleeves sure would help with the cropping.

Just saying.


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