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I Pledge . . .

Posted by E. on September 3, 2009

I Pledge:

  1. I pledge to teach my children that, while the Founding Fathers called upon principals of democracy in their creation of our government, what they created for us, what they gave to us, was, “a republic, if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin).
  2. I pledge to hold my elected official accountable, from the local school board members, to the state legislators, to the President of the United States, and do my utmost to help them understand that they are there to serve us.  I am not here to serve them.
  3. I pledge to keep donating time and money to the charitable causes I have been supporting, by my own choice, for years; and I will continue to lend support to other causes as I become aware of them and feel they are important.
  4. I pledge to teach my children compassion and charity so that they can see the wisdom in exercising such virtues freely, rather than by compulsion.
  5. I pledge to do everything I can to make sure my family is educated and self-reliant so that we don’t become a burden on society.
  6. I pledge to do my best to pass on the strong work ethic of my forefathers to my children so that they and theirs don’t become a burden on society.
  7. I pledge to do my utmost to make sure my kids get an excellent education and are able to think for themselves so that they aren’t tempted to turn to Hollywood for answers.
  8. I pledge to listen to the subtext of political pretty speech, no matter what side of the aisle it comes from.
  9. I pledge to flush my toilet as often as needed, and drive my Suburban without shame.
  10. I pledge to not apologize for being white, for being American, for being conservative, for having moral values, or for using the resources of this planet as needed.

What do you pledge?


One Response to “I Pledge . . .”

  1. Christina said

    I pledge to watch less videos like that one and more like this one:

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