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Speaking of the Health Care Bill

Posted by Nancy on September 8, 2009

Well presented information by Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan.

I attended a speech by my Congressman the other day. He is a freshman this year, and said the freshmen are hearing the public and “get it.” Both sides of the aisle. He said the freshmen are reaching across the aisle and trying to work with one another but can’t overcome those who are long-entrenched and wield the power (think Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, et al).

Anyone see Obama on the news on Labor Day, giving his speech in Cincinnati where he said the time for debate on health care is past? It was on the news everywhere, carried live and excerpted later. Did you notice they never panned out to show the crowd he was speading to? That seemed odd. Local reports later estimated the crowd at nearly 8,000.

Anyone see coverage of the Tea Party in Cincinnati on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, just two days before Obama’s speech? Neither did I. It must not have been newsworthy since there were only 18-20,000 people there, protesting government run health care. Odd, since that’s quite a few more than turned out to see the president.

And what were they thinking? Don’t they know the time for debate is past?


6 Responses to “Speaking of the Health Care Bill”

  1. Whether debate on health care reform is possible depends on whether some of our representatives on both sides can stop the fear mongering and posturing that has gone on and also stop the flood of emotions in town halls. Obama may be a bit premature on calling for a halt to health care debate when real discussion may finally be starting. There was little point in debate when everyone was screaming, but that seems less of a problem now.

  2. Nancy said

    “A bit premature on calling for a halt to health care debate?” When did the debate begin? It has been a Democratic soliloquy from the beginning, and that is why there is so much emotion flooding around those town hall meetings. With the Democrats literally locking the Republicans out while they write bills that affect us all, what do you expect?

    A debate would be nice. A pleasant discourse where both sides are given equal opportunity and unbiased coverage to promote their ideas.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  3. I think that debate was and is going on amongst a few small groups like the Gang of Six and other groups willing to sit down and chat with others not sharing the same opinion, but that fact was largely lost in the media amongst the screaming and finger pointing.

  4. hippieprof said

    Greetings,, all….

    Christina sent me over here from her family site – I had managed to start a political argument there not realizing what type of site it was.

    So – I will start one here instead….


    I think the idea that we are finished negotiating is because we believe, quite frankly, that the right is negotiating in bad faith. In fact, Chuck Grassley has pretty much admitted that….

    There are two reasons I believe this is happening.

    — The insurance industry is just happy with the way things are now, thank you – and they are putting quite a lot of money into killing reform, just as they did back in 1993….

    — If Obama fails he will take political damage as a result (moreso than if he succeeds, I think) – and this is a very powerful motivation for some in the GOP. Just as Limbaugh said, some people just want him to fail, period.

    I do come here looking for an honest exchange of opinions – and I thank you for letting me present mine.

    — hippieprof

  5. Nancy said

    Hippieprof, you start from a false premise that health care has to be either what it is now or what the left wants it to be. Try opening your mind and visualizing all the other possibilities that could happen, then picture Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama willing to sit down, calm down, and start all over with everyone invited to the table for an honest work session.

    It ain’t happening.

    This is not about health care. Anyone can look all around the world and see that socialized health care is inferior to what we have. This is about power, and permanently installing a leftist form of government through entitlements.

    Rush Limbaugh? He didn’t say he wanted Obama to fail; he said he wanted Obama’s policies to fail. That’s a very big difference.

  6. hippieprof said


    Thanks for the response.

    A lot of this seems to come down to trust. You really don’t seem to trust the motivations of my side, and honestly I don’t trust the motivations on your side. One of my reasons I am doing this – going to conservative blogs and attempting to engage in conversation – is to try to to establish some of that trust. I think you would find that we are more alike than you imagine. I hold good solid American values just as much as you do.

    I guess for me this *is* about health care – and I think that the vast majority of people on my “side” are thinking that is what it is all about too. Look – I work at a university – and that is a very liberal environment. I know liberals – I talk to them in depth on a daily basis. With the exception of a few radicals (and there are very few of those) we are not looking to establish some type of totalitarian socialist state. I think that would be a terrible idea – and so do most of the people on my side. You probably won’t believe me, but Obama doesn’t want that either. He is certainly a liberal Democrat – but he is just as much of a believer in the values of democracy as you or I.

    I know it is bad form to link to your own blog – but I wrote a detailed post a while back in which I outlined some of my personal goals for health care reform. You will find it here:

    If you take a look, you will see that I am open to doing this within the private sector. I am somewhat skeptical that the private sector can accomplish these goals – but if they could it would be great.

    Finally, I disagree with your contention that “Anyone can look all around the world and see that socialized health care is inferior to what we have.” I think the opposite is true – in fact most studies show that, compared to other developed nations, we pay more and get less. By the way – note that I am not advocating for socialized health care delivery (as they have in Britain). I am looking for reform in the insurance industry. I don’t even need a “public option” as long as my goals can be met in the private sector.

    OK – I actually need to go to work – go figure.

    Thank you for the conversation.

    — hippieprof

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