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Saturday’s Warriors

Posted by Nancy on September 13, 2009

If you believe the MSM, there weren’t very many people in Washington D.C. on Saturday, 9/12.   ABC, CNN, and the AP put it at tens of thousands, but I hear CBS put it at mere thousands, with “scores” waving flags and signs.

Watch this time lapse of the three and a half hours of marching.  “Scores” of signs and flags?

How many people does it take to make that large a crowd?  Remember, they are not gathered there stationery – they are continually marching by, hour after hour.

Those who officially registered numbered over 450,000.  A helicopter that overflew the event estimated turnout at 1.5 million. The London Daily Mail guessed the crowd at 2 million, and other estimates have gone as high as 2.3 million. 

You won’t see any of that in the mainstream media, though.


3 Responses to “Saturday’s Warriors”

  1. Lilola said

    I was at street level and had no concept of that many people. We had to start moving toward the capital half an hour earlier than scheduled because the crowd was so huge. It was amazing!

  2. Kristine said

    I live in the area and it had no impact on travel so I’m guessing it really didn’t have that great of a turn out. This must be one of those, “I caught a fish THIS BIG” lies. It is easy to do and get caught up in the moment but come on let’s be realistic here the buses didn’t even slowdown 495 which is easily done..

  3. Christina said

    Kristine, WHERE were you on Saturday? Because I was there. And? I was in the traffic heading out of DC, going south (on 395/195) aftwards. And let me tell you, it definitely caused a slowdown. Also keep in mind, many of the people in the crowd were from out of town (from every state in the nation, including Alaska and Hawaii) and probably stayed in DC to see the sites afterwards. The truth is, the fish really WAS THAT BIG.

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