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Baltimore, D.C., and Now Brooklyn

Posted by E. on September 14, 2009

As President Obama said in one of his campaign speeches, “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree . . .”

The US Census Bureau has now cut its ties with ACORN.  Perhaps it is past time the President does the same.  In fact, it might behoove him to just fell the mighty oak he has helped organize.  What are the chances?

Nah.  It won’t happen.  After all, there are real pimps/political candidates and prostitutes out there who need help getting a house so they can set up a brothel with under-aged illegal immigrants.  ACORN must be there to help them get their business going.

For the details and video from the Brooklyn ACORN office, go here.

As soon as I hear anything about how to donate to the defense fund of the “hooker” and the “pimp” who ACORN is claiming committed a felony by exposing all of this, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, props to the mainstream media folks for doing such an excellent ostrich imitation through all of this.  Your peacock president must be so proud.


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