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Didn’t Obama Say We Could Judge Him By the Company He Keeps?

Posted by E. on October 15, 2009

Not many people are looking that closely at the people with whom he is surrounding himself whilst in the White House, but some are.  One or two, anyway.

So one of the people the president has picked to have around him (and no, I’m not going to beat the dead horse that is Van Jones) is Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director.  She’s a lovely woman, I’m sure.  I mean, I don’t know her personally.  Really, I know very, very little about her.  But I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt and saying she is a lovely woman.  You know, despite the fact that she flicks her tongue like a lizard when she talks and one of her favorite political philosophers is Chairman Mao.

Oh,  yes, who can’t admire a man who is responsible for the deaths of countless people just to achieve his own political goals?  I mean, after all, he only did it as a result of making his own choices, so he could mark his own path and fight his own war.  Mr. President, we are judging you by the company you keep.


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