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As Long As They Keep Writing The Bills, I’ll Keep Writing The Letters

Posted by necessarygrace on October 19, 2009

Dear Senator,

I can’t believe I’m sending yet another fax about healthcare bills. But here we are again – Congress trying to push through a healthcare bill that no one has read, and citizens like me speaking up to say simply, “STOP”!!

This time, it’s the Baucus plan.

Senator, you and I both know this is not real legislation. It’s a hypothetical framework with hundreds of hidden tax hikes thrown in, in a desperate attempt to convince Americans that this government takeover of health care won’t cost Americans trillions of dollars.

We are not convinced.

The truth is, the Baucus plan, like every other plan the President and Democrats in Congress have produced thus far, does NOTHING to fix the very real problems that exist in our current healthcare system. Instead, these plans would stifle economic growth, raise taxes, cost every American thousands of dollars more and then do LESS in regards to providing good health care for Americans.

Senator, I am asking you today, again, to please, PLEASE vote NO on the Baucus plan. We don’t need this bill, we don’t want this bill. And NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHAT IS IN THIS BILL. Virginians elected you to represent US – we elected you to protect our RIGHTS. This bill would do neither. Voting NO will show us that you truly are listening to your constituents, and that you vote on principle, rather than party lines.

The voters are watching.

Have you contacted your Senators and Representatives lately? Americans did an awesome job of making themselves heard in August and early September, but it wasn’t enough – Congress thinks it can wear us down, and ram whatever legislation they want though. We need to keep making our voices heard! We can not get tired, we can not give up. Call your Senators TODAY. Or, if you’d rather, send a fax. If you’re too busy to write your own, plagerize mine, I don’t care. Just don’t sit idly by while Obama and his lapdogs in Congress take over our lives. Freedom – It’s worth fighting for.


One Response to “As Long As They Keep Writing The Bills, I’ll Keep Writing The Letters”

  1. Nancy said

    Thanks for the reminder. I sent my letters.

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