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Global Warming, the Sun, and God

Posted by Nancy on October 27, 2009

Okay, God won’t really enter into this post, but I’ll give Him credit for slowing down the insanity coming from the warming enthusiasts.   It’s now ten years and counting of steady or falling temperatures worldwide.

Oh wait, that’s where the sun comes in.   Not fully understood, there is a correlation between the sun’s energy and the earth’s temperature.  It shines on us and we get warm; it has sun spots and gets more active and puts out more energy and we get warmer.  And that current lengthy period of no sun spots? – it gets lengthier every day.  And trends cooler.

Maybe that’s why it’s no longer called global warming, but “climate change.”  You can’t go wrong with that one, because the weather is always changing.  And if you claim that any changes in weather mean man is evil and destroying the earth, you can’t go wrong, can you?

Meanwhile, the global warming summit in Copenhagen is only weeks away and the U.S. Congress seems to have come to some semblance of sanity by not passing cap and trade or any sweeping legislation to save the planet leading up to it.  Dare I hope this continues?

Poor U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who made a climate treaty his top priority, has had to scale back expectations for a comprehensive climate treaty to steal money from developed countries save the earth when they all Kum-By-Ya in Copenhagen.  At least he’s encouraged by the “strong commitment of the Obama administration,” bless their hearts.  And he’s in the U.S. right now, encouraging our political leaders to get on board.

While the adults head feint and pretend man can control the weather, what is all this doing to the children?  Isn’t that supposed to be our primary concern, the children?  Everything the government does is for “the children,” right?

In this case, what they are doing borders on child abuse.

Someone recently left a comment on the all-time most viewed post on this blog, and it sure looks like it came from a child to me.

I wish people would just listen. I’m so mad that people don’t even care about the polar bears and that the sea level is rising. And also that the plants are dead because of us. If we don’t do something about it then we all are going to die with them. I just wish there was a way to stop the global warming.

Last week global warmers in New Zealand suggested we get edible pets, and this week Climate chief Lord Stern from London tells us we have to give up eating meat.  And the brainwashed children think we are all going to die.

Call your congressman and your senator.  Tell them to fight against this insanity and stop frightening our children, and for God’s sake don’t vote for a destructive cap and trade bill. 

After all, it is God who controls the weather, not man.


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