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Glenn Beck, Healthcare, and The ME Generation

Posted by necessarygrace on October 28, 2009

He ties it all together pretty well, I think…

Do you agree? Have we become a society of spoiled brats? If so, how do we turn things around now? And do we actually have the will to do so?


One Response to “Glenn Beck, Healthcare, and The ME Generation”

  1. Elaine said

    There are exceptions, of course, but yes, I agree with it. I don’t think it is just a college-aged mindset, however. I see plenty of it in my own genereation . . . what am I? Generation Y or something like that? What I found very interesting about that letter to the editor Beck referenced is that the writer complained of the burdens created by the older generation, while at the same time saying people her age are saddled with college loan debt they can’t imagine every repaying. How dare they blame others for burdens when they are burdening themselves? That is what rankles me the most — when I hear supports of socialism complain about how they can’t pay for their healthcare or whatever, and then talk about the student loans they took out that they can’t afford to pay back (duh! then don’t borrow the money and go to a cheaper school), brand name crap they buy their kids, cross country trips they are taking to visit friends, or all the times they go out to eat, or their favorite cable television shows. If you can’t afford the necessities of life, then you can’t afford those things, either. I am all for helping people who are in a tight spot and trying to get out of it, but not so much for being forced to suport people who could do more to help themselves by denying themselves a lot of the superflous frills of being an American. And I’ll be the first to admit our family has been indulging in some frills lately, but we have had years and years and years without vacations, cable, gadgets and other things to get us to the point where we can do a little of it now and still keep a cushion set aside so that if the tide turns we won’t beome an immediate burden on others and will hopefully have the time to bounce back before becoming a burden at all. Wow, long comment I’m leaving, but yes I agree, and no I don’t. I do believe there is a problem with entitlement in our country, but I believe it started with the hippie generation.

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