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How To Get Bureaucratic Answers to the Nation’s Problems

Posted by Nancy on November 29, 2009

Who is more likely to come up with a businesslike solution to a public problem – a career bureaucrat or an experienced private sector business person?

If you think government leaders with private sector background are more likely to solve problems from a business perspective, then elect experienced leaders who will surround themselves with equally experienced men and women to help find those solutions.

If you think people with lifetimes of bureaucratic service will find better solutions via government programs, Obama is your man and his hand-picked associates help shape his agenda.

From Nick Schultz, who headlined it:  Help Wanted, No Private Sector Experience Required.

[F]rom a J.P. Morgan research report. It examines the prior private sector experience of the cabinet officials since 1900 that one might expect a president to turn to in seeking advice about helping the economy. It includes secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Housing & Urban Development… —432 cabinet members in all.  [snip]

When one considers that public sector employment has ranged since the 1950s at between 15 percent and 19 percent of the population, the makeup of the current cabinet—over 90 percent of its prior experience was in the public sector—is remarkable.

Never have we had such inexperienced people leading our country, while seldom have we lived in such perilous times.


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Black Friday Shopping Takes Economy’s Temperature

Posted by Nancy on November 27, 2009

It looks like the economy has the flu.

When stores open at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday and you don’t go shopping until after noon, and still find advertised Door Buster Specials waiting to be bought, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When you read about stores running specials on diapers and socks for Black Friday sales, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When it’s easy to find a parking space at your favorite outlet on Black Friday, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When today’s business news tells how real estate development in Dubai was built on an imploding land bubble and they are asking for a six-month moratorium on debt repayment, causing worldwide markets to quake, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When the President’s economic policies are all anti-recovery and anti-job creation, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

In fact, it’s looking like this won’t be a good year for many of us.

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You Need To Be More Careful With Your Secrets

Posted by Nancy on November 25, 2009

So much to write about, and so little time.  Where do I start?  ClimateGate or Acorn’s document dump?  Both involve public airing of documents the organizations involved didn’t want anyone to see – probably because in both cases we are now witnessing the undoing of utter frauds.

It’s almost a shame these two stories are hitting at the same time, since they both deserve our undivided attention.  Did I mention they are both massive frauds?  Let’s touch on global warming first.

From MinnesotansForGlobalWarming we have the following ditty, about hiding the data that show worldwide temperatures declining over the past decade.  Catchy.

Of course the media are completely ignoring this scandal of scientific fraud, falsification, collusion, and corruption, verified by thousands of emails and data files from CRU at East Anglia University.  If you aren’t following this story you really should, since the cap and trade tax scheme our government wants to burden us with will be massive.  A good place to follow this story is at Watts Up With That , or at Big Government , which just coincidenatlly is also awash with stories and pictures of documents from ACORN’s data dump in San Diego.

The ACORN documents became public knowledge just a few days ago, but the private investigator who has them retrieved them from a dumpster Oct. 9.   He dug out a Suburban full of documents.  Twenty thousand documents.  He says he has been back since and gotten more, as apparently ACORN continues throwing them away.  Most surprisingly he says he found a paper with his name and contact information on it among documents he retrieved later, indicating that someone in the office had gotten word of him by then.

If you haven’t been following Big Government, you might want to take a peek at a few of these articles/documents.




Then there’s the  Oklahoma Data Dump too.

ACORN really should have hired more competent help.

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Posted by liloladenvers on November 23, 2009

Orrin Hatch (R. – Utah) presented some figures to the Senate during the debate over cloture on Saturday.  The numbers were falling on deaf ears, so I’m reproducing them.  You can read  his complete remarks here.

• 0 – the number of provisions prohibiting the rationing of health care.
• 0 – the number of government-run entitlement programs that are financially sound over the long-term.
• 10.2 percent – our national unemployment rate, the highest in 26 years.
• 70 – total number of government programs authorized by the bill.
• 1,697 – times the Secretary of Health and Human Services is given authority to determine or define provisions in this bill.
• 2,074 – total pages in this bill.
• 2010 – the year Americans start paying higher taxes to pay for this bill
• 2014 – the year when this bill actually starts most of the major provisions of this bill
• $6.8 million – cost to taxpayers per word
• $8 billion – the total amount of new taxes on Americans who do not buy Washington-defined health care.
• $465 billion – Cuts in Medicare at a time when it faces a $38 trillion unfunded liability to finance more government spending.
• $494 billion – total amount of new taxes in this bill
• $2.5 trillion – the real cost of the bill
• $12 trillion – our total national debt

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For All The Global Warming Freaks

Posted by Nancy on November 22, 2009

I have followed global warming for several years now, diligently trying to understand the science of it.  I’m no climate scientist so it has been a struggle, but it became clear a while back that there is something drastically wrong with all the global warming hype.

This weekend it all hit the proverbial fan, with the hacking and release of thousands of emails and files from the Hadley climate facility in England, one of the word leaders in the field.  I have read a few of the emails, and if authentic they are damning.  Coercion, collusion, and corruption in the ethers of global warming supporters.  Will this finally put a stake in the heart of the beast?

In a comment made on Climate Audit, a programmer says the code behind some of the programs is even more damning than the emails between the scientists.  There’s a very interesting article about it at WattsUpWithThat.

The media are pretending there is nothing to look at here, just move along; but then the eamils also show the media have been complicit in this fraud all along.   They can no longer embargo stories that are inconvenient and wait for them to disappear.  Thanks to the internet the truth will out.

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The EPA and Me

Posted by Nancy on November 21, 2009

I was recently re-elected to my third term in local government, to a position that provides deep satisfaction through genuine public service.  As an additional reward, I’ve gotten to know many local, state, and federal politicians on a personal level and now consider myself a truly informed voter.

Unfortunately, the following email apparently is a portent of a different kind of “reward” headed my way for being civic-minded enough to want to serve my community.

The Environmental Protection Agency is planning to submit a proposed Information Collection Request (ICR) and is requesting public comment …

To find out more, go to  This site includes a fact sheet, the Federal Register Notice and the questionnaires.

Please, take time to review these documents and consider commenting.  This survey is 32 pages long, has 72 questions and is expected to take 53 hours of your time. It is a mandatory survey.

Whoa! I don’t have time to read a 32-page survey with 72 questions just so I can comment on how patently ridiculous it is for the federal government even to consider placing this burden on local governments.  We have very limited staff. Is the EPA really going to send us a mandatory survey that will take 53 hours to complete?

You betcha — unless someone in Washington stops them.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out who that would be.

I followed the link, read some of the documentation, and discovered that the EPA will be demanding detailed information on storm water runoff and pollutants that discharge into waterways.  To my relief, they’re not requiring the surveys be filled out just yet, and may not require them until November 2012, just after the next presidential election.  (Isn’t that the time frame for implementation of health care reform, too? What a coincidence).

For now they are awaiting the mandatory sixty days after an October 26 notice in the Federal Register that they are sending this Information Collection Request to the Office of Management and Budget.  In the meantime they are accepting comments on this proposed “request” for information, including comments on the burden it will place on those required to fill out the survey.

A mandatory request?  That reminds me of Obama’s mandatory volunteer youth service brigades. In my lexicon, require and request have diametrically opposed meanings.  Apparently that is not the case when communicating in government-speak, where it becomes increasingly impossible to discern the true meaning of what is said.

I went to the EPA’s linked fact sheet and found additional information that these surveys will not be required only of local governments.  Private property owners and developers will also be caught in their net.

The mandatory questionnaires will be sent to all owners, operators, developers, and contractors of newly and redeveloped sites; owners and operators of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s); and the states and territories.

They define newly and redeveloped sites as things such as subdivisions and commercial shopping centers.  In other words, just about any disturbance of the earth, residential or commercial, whether to build new or to renew a previously developed area.  And the questionnaire will add an estimated 53 hours of professional time and expense to every single project.  Or is that 53 hours of the owner’s time, and 53 hours of the developer’s time, and 53 hours of the contractor’s time, and 53 hours of the local government’s time?  I couldn’t be sure.

Back on the home page I noticed this:  EPA intends to propose a rule to control storm water from, at minimum, newly developed and redeveloped sites, and to take final action no later than November 2012.

It’s looking worse by the minute.  That “at minimum” seems to hint that you won’t even have to disturb the soil to earn their oversight and 53 hours of filling out surveys.  We shall all share in the pain.

I can’t imagine any good coming from all this forced data reporting.  Is Carol Browner, Obama’s EPA chief with socialist ties, planning on using us to glean information in order to advance the administration’s environmental agenda?

Lest anyone think of taking this “request” for information lightly, the questionnaire for local governments states the following on page 3:

EPA has authority to administer this questionnaire under section 308 of the Clean Water Act (Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 22 U.S.C. Section 1318). Participation in this questionnaire is mandatory, and you are required to respond. You must retain a copy of the completed questionnaire for your files.  EPA may contact you with follow-up questions to clarify your answers. Late filing of the questionnaire, or failure to follow any related EPA instruction, may results in civil penalties, criminal fines, or other sanctions provided by law including the possibility of fines and imprisonment.  [Emphasis in original.]

The EPA will give me 60 days before declaring my return late and moving onto those civil penalties, criminal fines, and imprisonment — all over bureaucratic paperwork.  EPA bureaucrats have hearts just brimming with compassion and good will.

My governmental entity will probably fall under the umbrella of our local conservancy district, which may help provide some of the background information necessary for us to fill out the survey.  Or maybe the conservancy district will fill it out for us for a fee, or maybe we can hire someone to fill it out.

But why?  Why must local governments and private citizens incur this cost and expend this effort to facilitate bureaucratic snooping and advance the left’s environmental agenda?  With all the money they’ve been throwing around lately, they could at least pay for their heavy-handed requirements.  A little stimulus money would help financially strapped small government agencies, but that isn’t part of the agenda.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, I lean pretty green when it comes to clean air and water, and I deal with residents with flooding problems from ill-planned development and poorly controlled runoff on a regular basis.  I know there are environmental boundaries that have to be maintained, but this is clearly outside the parameters of acceptable oversight.  The environmental movement has become so radical as to be an easily identified hazard to American life, and the EPA is not on my list of favorite agencies.  The final straw came when they threatened fines because our firemen washed their fire engines in a building that didn’t have the right kind of drain.

This isn’t how a democratic (Democrat, apparently yes; democratic, no) government treats its local governments and private citizens.  Threatening criminal fines and jail time over mandatory, uncompensated 53-hour surveys is criminal itself.

This column, written by an AllTheNewsThatFits staff writer, was originally published November 21 on American Thinker.

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You Don’t Have To Like The President, But You Gotta Love The Onion

Posted by E. on November 19, 2009

The Video doesn’t seem to be embedding properly, so if all you see is a link, click on it.  Trust me.

A great big smoochy thanks to The Onion.

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Has He No Dignity?

Posted by Nancy on November 16, 2009

In case there is any question as to the appropriateness of deeply bowing to Japan’s emperor, Republican students at the University of Connecticut have put together this enlightening series of photos.

I expect my president to represent the United States with dignity and self-respect.  If he has no more respect for himself than to go around the world bowing to leaders of other countries, how can they believe him to be anything more than inexperienced, naive and weak, and treat him accordingly?

Surely someone on his staff knows international etiquette and could give him a few hints here and there.  Please.

I love send up from, via  Good Photoshopping! 

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The Dole

Posted by liloladenvers on November 15, 2009

Everything goes back to music for me; there is a song for every situation.  And I finally found one that explains the “moocher” class that has grown in this country.  Welfare, foodstamps, Medicaid, affirmative action, WIC, government cheese.  All seems to be beneficial, they are helping out the disadvantaged, the unfortunate, until they can get back on their feet.

But that isn’t the way it works.  What really happens is that they are stuck, bound, chained into a life of dependence.  It’s a life from which they cannot escape and that they believe they deserve.

How do they get out of the chains that bind them?  It’s very difficult, especially if their dependence has been going on for years, even generations.  We help people with other addictions.  There are 12-step programs and interventions to get them out from under the monkey on their back.  But we are not doing anything to get them off the dole.  And they don’t see any way out.  Why?

They owe their souls to the company store.

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Wisdom From 1949

Posted by Nancy on November 15, 2009

Another cartoon produced by Harding College, Meet King Joe explains why American workers make (or made) more than workers in any other country.  Look at what we are losing.

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