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Freedom Curtailed Celebrating Fall of the Berlin Wall

Posted by Nancy on November 10, 2009

A student group called Young Americans for Liberty set up a memorialyesterday, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Located on the grounds of Washington University in St. Louis, Missourie, they created a gulag camp complete with prisoners, barbed wire, and guards.

They hoped to bring attention to the suffering caused by socialism, and the 150,000,000 deaths it caused in the 20th century.

“We’re hoping to elevate the thinking of students about the connection between socialism, tyranny, and murder,” said Dirk Doebler, lead organizer of the event. “Too often, we tend to think about state control in the abstract. This event is an opportunity to show the student body what socialism really is.”

The university said the display was too offensive and shut them down.

The students obviously were *mistaken* with their facts.  Don’t they know socialism is good, and Reagan had nothing to do with the fall of the wall?  Credit is now being given to Mikhael Gorbachev for being such a skilled negotiator.

Keep it up students, and may others follow your lead!


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