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For All The Global Warming Freaks

Posted by Nancy on November 22, 2009

I have followed global warming for several years now, diligently trying to understand the science of it.  I’m no climate scientist so it has been a struggle, but it became clear a while back that there is something drastically wrong with all the global warming hype.

This weekend it all hit the proverbial fan, with the hacking and release of thousands of emails and files from the Hadley climate facility in England, one of the word leaders in the field.  I have read a few of the emails, and if authentic they are damning.  Coercion, collusion, and corruption in the ethers of global warming supporters.  Will this finally put a stake in the heart of the beast?

In a comment made on Climate Audit, a programmer says the code behind some of the programs is even more damning than the emails between the scientists.  There’s a very interesting article about it at WattsUpWithThat.

The media are pretending there is nothing to look at here, just move along; but then the eamils also show the media have been complicit in this fraud all along.   They can no longer embargo stories that are inconvenient and wait for them to disappear.  Thanks to the internet the truth will out.


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