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You Need To Be More Careful With Your Secrets

Posted by Nancy on November 25, 2009

So much to write about, and so little time.  Where do I start?  ClimateGate or Acorn’s document dump?  Both involve public airing of documents the organizations involved didn’t want anyone to see – probably because in both cases we are now witnessing the undoing of utter frauds.

It’s almost a shame these two stories are hitting at the same time, since they both deserve our undivided attention.  Did I mention they are both massive frauds?  Let’s touch on global warming first.

From MinnesotansForGlobalWarming we have the following ditty, about hiding the data that show worldwide temperatures declining over the past decade.  Catchy.

Of course the media are completely ignoring this scandal of scientific fraud, falsification, collusion, and corruption, verified by thousands of emails and data files from CRU at East Anglia University.  If you aren’t following this story you really should, since the cap and trade tax scheme our government wants to burden us with will be massive.  A good place to follow this story is at Watts Up With That , or at Big Government , which just coincidenatlly is also awash with stories and pictures of documents from ACORN’s data dump in San Diego.

The ACORN documents became public knowledge just a few days ago, but the private investigator who has them retrieved them from a dumpster Oct. 9.   He dug out a Suburban full of documents.  Twenty thousand documents.  He says he has been back since and gotten more, as apparently ACORN continues throwing them away.  Most surprisingly he says he found a paper with his name and contact information on it among documents he retrieved later, indicating that someone in the office had gotten word of him by then.

If you haven’t been following Big Government, you might want to take a peek at a few of these articles/documents.




Then there’s the  Oklahoma Data Dump too.

ACORN really should have hired more competent help.


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