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Wag The Dog

Posted by E. on December 2, 2009

So yesterday General Motor’s CEO Fritz Henderson quietly resigned. Did you know that?

Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet.

So far I’ve only found four or five articles about it on all of the internet.  I’m sure by the time anyone reads this little blog post there will be more media coverage, but still . . .

I thought it was bad enough that TelePrompTer Jesus pre-empted A Charlie Brown Christmas, but now I’m thinking the timing was even more nefarious than depriving America of a time-honored Christmas tradition.  Because?  Today all anybody is talking about are the 30,000 troops that will be sent to Afghanistan, and almost nobody but nobody is talking about the fact that the CEO of a company was “allowed to step down” and replaced by Edward Whitacre, Jr., the man Obama hand picked to be the chairman of GM’s board of directors.

But that’s all just coincidence, right?  One big coincidence that the man Obama picked to chair the board of GM got to take the place of the CEO.  One big coincidence that everybody else on the board felt he was qualified to take that job, despite the fact that he had no auto industry experience prior to being tapped by The Chosen One for that chairman gig.  Just a big ol’ coincidence that Obama, who supposedly has better things to do than run an auto company, was all over television last night making sure everybody’s attention would be focused on our soldiers and Afghanistan today, despite the fact that we all knew it was coming anyway.

Poor Bo.  His motion sickness must be killer.


One Response to “Wag The Dog”

  1. Christina said

    Holy Cow. I had NO idea. And that’s saying something because I read a lot of conservative blogs and they’re not usually fooled by Dear Leader’s machinations.

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