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Climategate, Smoking Guns, and the Liberal Mind

Posted by Nancy on December 12, 2009

I have been a global warming skeptic for years, and have followed those who are more learned about it than I as they search for answers about it all.  I enjoy the presentations and discussions on sites like Climate Audit,  Watts Up With That Small Dead AnimalsMinnesotansFor Global Warming (great Christmas album spoof there), and others.  Scientists willingly toss ideas back and forth and discuss holes in the theory of anthropogenic global warming at these places, and teach us all in the process.

Then on November 19 emails from the CRU (Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain) were released to the public, most likely by someone on the inside with a conscience.  The mainstream media have done everything they can to bury this story, but it won’t go away.  It is the biggest science fraud of the century – perhaps of all time – and the discussions on my favorite science blogs have gotten even more interesting. 

With the code information released along with those emails, skeptical scientists can now see just how much fraud has been used to prove the “settled science” of global warming.  Even I can see that the books have been cooked.

An example: 


This is a record of temperatures taken at Darwin Airport in Australia.  Note the records of raw data are in blue, the “adjusted” temperatures in red, and the accompanying trendlines in green and purple.  That blue line sure makes it look like it was warmer in early parts of last century than it is now, but that doesn’t fit the AGW mold.

The blue line is composed of five separate sets of data that all agreed, so why on earth would anyone feel the need to “adjust” it – unless they were manipulating the data to prove a preconceived theory?  And those black stair steps are the adjustments, which show how artificially the data was manipulated.

So, other than the main stream media trying to pretend none of this is happening, what is this doing to those who believe we must all work to prevent earth’s imminent incineration from global warming?

Have you talked to any liberals about this lately?

I have, and it isn’t pretty.

There is no hope on the horizon when trying to have a discussion of facts devolves into “The emails were released without permission.”  The liberal doesn’t care what is in them, just that they were “hacked.”  Never mind that they fall under Freedom of Information Act guidelines and should have been publicly available anyhow.  The fact that they were released without permission makes everything in them irrelevant and/or unreliable, even though they have been proven to be authentic.

If you can get past the red herring of their being released without permission, the liberal mind then says he doesn’t agree with the facts you are presenting.  They don’t really say anything new.  They don’t prove anything.  You must be misinterpreting them.  Those emails were just informal jokes between friends, anyway.  Or my favorite – “You believe your facts and I’ll believe mine.”

Don’t try to ask what facts they’re believing, because there aren’t any.  It is all emotion and their willing things to be the way they believe them to be.

You can see it on the news every day.  With straight faces, newscasters give stories about the dangers of global warming and how progress must be made at Copenhagen to save us all from devastation.  You know they know about Climategate, but they pretend it isn’t happening.

Then the weather reporte announces a major early storm that is paralyzing a third of the country.

That’s the Al Gore Effect.  It comes into play almost without fail, every time there is a major climate change conference anywhere in the world.

God must have a wicked sense of humor.


One Response to “Climategate, Smoking Guns, and the Liberal Mind”

  1. M&M said

    If you ask a scientist why nothing can move faster than the speed of light, he doesn’t tell you a terrible story about how koala bears will die if you don’t believe the theory is right, does he?
    The UN served this to the children of the world:

    This makes me very angry.

    Do we need 40 trillion dollars worth of lightweight, highly reflective Precautionary Headgear guaranteed to keep us cool in any weather. (Get in on the multi-trillion dollar derivatives bubble before it pops.)

    From an 11 year old: home schooled, I’ll bet a dollar.

    Add to your list of good sites: good aggregation (with reference links) individual plots of raw australian data.

    Did anyone manage to find a synonym for the word HIDE than means anything other than HIDE- as in ‘HIDE the decline’?

    Norman Davies on propaganda
    Five Rules of Propaganda:
    1) endless repetition, repeating the same messages over and over with different variations and combinations
    2. Disfiguration: discrediting the opposition with slander and crude parodies
    3. Unanimity: presenting your point of view as if every right headed person agrees with it while smearing those who doubt it using appeals of famous people, experts and so called consensus; hiding/ excluding others from the underlying basis / information of your position.
    4. Transfusion: manipulating the prevailing values of the public to your own advantage
    5. Simplification: reducing all facts into a comparison between ‘good and evil’ and ‘friends and enemies’
    Scratch the surface – global warming is a fraud to the bone.
    It is Mann made.

    The emails and programmer’s notes reveal the vast context of ten years of intellectual corruption. They were not doing science- they were disgracing it.

    The globe has been getting warmer. That’s why Iowans can plant corn in Iowa and Kansassians can grow wheat in Kansas and why Canadians frolic in the snow. The glaciers melted. I’ll have more of that, please.

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