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Liberal Denial

Posted by Nancy on December 26, 2009

Christmas brought family, food, and friends.

A very dear liberal friend seen once a year or less brought the opportunity to observe her political outlook, and the most interesting observation was the closed eyes.

   <em>See</em>, <em>Hear</em>, <em>Speak No Evil</em> Happy Monkeys - Style 34513      Yes, closed eyes.  As in, “I don’t want to see that.” 

Me:  What do you think of what has been going on in Washington?

Dear Friend:  (closing eyes) It’s the same as it has always been.  The rich are greedy. 

Me:  I mean about the health care initiative.

DF:  We need changes; the insurance and pharmaceutical companies have been ripping people off for too long.  (closing eyes)  I’ve stopped listening to all of it because it is so upsetting.    

Me:  But some of the things they have put in that bill, like saying it can never be changed in the future….

DF:   Oh, THEY CAN’T DO THAT.  They’ll change that part (eyes close).

Me:  But it’s written in it.  What kind of person would write that in there?

DF:  (closing eyes)   It doesn’t matter. <em>See</em>, <em>Hear</em>, <em>Speak No Evil</em> Happy Monkeys - Style 34513   It’s just business as usual – they’ve always done things like this.

It was amazing to watch.  This well educated person I used to have deep discussions with about life, politics, etc., with total understanding and acceptance of each other’s point of view, now has shut down her “vision” rather than see what is happening.

Amazing.   And it is so unlike her. 

As you have discussions with your liberal friends, watch their eyes.  I suspect this isn’t an isolated incident.

                                                                                   <em>See</em>, <em>Hear</em>, <em>Speak No Evil</em> Happy Monkeys - Style 34513


One Response to “Liberal Denial”

  1. Mike said

    For many of us, it is a deep disappointment with the current “liberals.” While I am certainly am happy with how the presidential election turned out, I am pretty much to the point of suggesting *all* in congress should be voted out. Every single one.

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