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Suffer The Little Children

Posted by Nancy on January 31, 2010

This is pure evil.

Our president is recruiting children in the schools – recruiting them for ten weeks of training as community organizers “to make the change we fought so hard for in 2008 a reality in 2010 and beyond.”

Here is the link.  Read it and weep. Then get very, very angry and start making phone calls.


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Holding Him Accountable: Priceless

Posted by Nancy on January 30, 2010

Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska ran some ads to try and redeem his image. This probably wasn’t one of them.

Word has it that he spent around $2 million on his ad blitz and his deflated poll numbers did not move. The people are awake, they are mad, and they aren’t going to take it any more.

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Chris Matthews Said WHAT?

Posted by necessarygrace on January 29, 2010

Check out Jon Stewart’s response to Chris Matthews’ stunning proclamation… {warning: this clip is most definitely NOT politically correct. It is, however, extremely funny.}

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Succumbing To Blackmail

Posted by Nancy on January 24, 2010

Who’s to blame for the banking meltdown and our current economic crisis?  If you believe Mr. Obama that it’s George W. Bush, read this article from 1988 then watch the first few minutes of the video at the bottom.

Bank South’s $5 Million Promise Appeases ACORN

 By Bill Dedman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

 Published July 14, 1988, Page B1
Copyright 1988, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 To settle a legal challenge by a community group, Bank South has agreed to chip in another $5 million in home loans at low interest rates in Atlanta’s black and working-class areas.  In return, the community group says it will drop its challenge to the bank’s first interstate merger.
 ACORN cited the articles in its challenge before the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The group asked the Fed to delay or deny Bank South’s application to buy C&P Bank Corp. of Pensacola.  [snip]

“I think we’re going to withdraw our challenge based on the $5 million,” said ACORN organizer Grant Williams. “I don’t think we can get much more, based on our experience and their hard line. We may be selling short, but I don’t know.”

ACORN leaders said the bank refused to attend a negotiating session ACORN proposed to hold with federal authorities present. [snip]

ACORN had asked for other items, including $100,000 in contributions to groups like ACORN.

“I told them that was highly unlikely,” said Bucky Kimsey, a bank senior vice president.


The $5 million will increase Bank South’s contribution to the Atlanta Mortgage Consortium to $7.35 million. That makes it the largest supporter of the pool formed in May. The pool now has $25 million, in addition to $47 million in loan programs set up by larger Atlanta banks, for a total of $72 million.

The bank also has agreed to consider making a large deposit in a community credit union ACORN says it might establish in Atlanta.

 Looks more like succumbing to blackmail than wise business decisions, and ACORN had those “federal officials” waiting in the wings to assist.  And the long term consequences of forcing loans based on pressure from special interestes rather than fiduciary responsibility would be..?

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Tell Us What You Really Think, Jack

Posted by Nancy on January 22, 2010

This is from CNN, not that right wing Fox News. Is it now safe to say what you really think since it is obvious the people are turning on the Dems?

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Scott Brown Win Upsets Hitler

Posted by Nancy on January 20, 2010

There is so much online today celebrating Scott Brown’s victory, and so much low hanging fruit lampooning the Democrats.

Even Barney Frank is saying Obamacare is dead, although he ominously suggests pivoting to working on a job’s bill that has elements of healthcare in it. We must remain vigilant to the agenda of those promoting statism.

But for the moment, a video to celebrate by:

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Pray For The Miracle

Posted by Nancy on January 16, 2010

A great Scott Brown video. Dare we hope?

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Fear Not, Homeland Security Is On The Job

Posted by Nancy on January 15, 2010

Andrew Klavan of Pajamasmedia does the best videos – incisive wit showing the ridiculousness of liberal culture.

While you wait for the Massachusetts (or Massachusettes if you’re Martha Coakley’s campaign staff) election next Tuesday, sit back and enjoy the latest Klavan on Culture.

Of course, Homeland Security wouldn’t have so much trouble protecting us if we didn’t have so much tolerance of “happy spots.”

If you know anyone who lives in Massachusetts, encourage them to vote on Tuesday to help break the strangle hold the Progressives have on our country.

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Thoughts To Keep You Up At Night; or, Pray That Brown Wins In Massuchusetts This Month

Posted by Nancy on January 11, 2010

Showing utter comtempt for the law or the welfare of our constitutional republic, Democrats continue to flout their arrogant agenda against the will of the people. 

For those inclined to pray, perhaps a few prayers for Scott Brown (R), who is running for senator in Massachusetts to replace that moral icon Teddy Kennedy, can’t hurt.  He is within single digits of Martha Coakley, who is one of few people to score a 100% approval rating from ACORN.

A few ideas to keep you up at night  Are they accurate?  You decide.

You thought this nightmare might end at the polls in November.  What do the Democrats know that you don’t?  They have a plan.

Of course ObamaCare won’t cover illegals.  There won’t be any.

Will that matter if the healthcare is unobtainable?  Will insurance for all bring nothing but higher taxes and poorer quality care?

Arrogance, greed, and hunger for poawer are a terrible combination.

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Et Tu, CNN?

Posted by Nancy on January 7, 2010

“It was all just another lie that was told to get elected.” Pretty stiff words from a CNN anchor.

“Here’s hoping the voters remember some of this crap when the mid-term elections roll around later this year.”  Wow.  Dare we hope there is change at CNN?

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