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Ethics? What’s that?

Posted by liloladenvers on January 1, 2010

How many ethics violations will it take.  We know that Timothy Geithner was so essential to the nation’s economy that his crime (tax evasion) had to be whitewashed then overlooked.  There are other examples, and now we have a new one. 

John Brennan is the president’s special assistant for counter terrorism.

The White House official leading the interagency review into the U.S. terrorist watch list system that contributed to a near-catastrophe on Christmas Day used to head a company that provides critical analysis to those who create the watch list.

But the White House has reviewed the situation and they must be right; they’re lawyers!

White House attorneys reviewed whether Mr. Brennan would be violating ethics rules by conducting the review of watch lists in light of his previous position and determined that the benefit to the public interest of having Mr. Brennan conduct the review far outweighed any potential conflict of interest.

How many times did we hear Haliburton screamed from the rafters by the Dems?  How many times did they claim a culture of corruption in the Bush White House?

Hypocrites is the mildest term I can use!  Read the full story here.


One Response to “Ethics? What’s that?”

  1. sirrahc said

    Well, the modern Left and secular-progressives have never lacked for “creative ethics” and rationalizing of double standards.


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