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Thoughts To Keep You Up At Night; or, Pray That Brown Wins In Massuchusetts This Month

Posted by Nancy on January 11, 2010

Showing utter comtempt for the law or the welfare of our constitutional republic, Democrats continue to flout their arrogant agenda against the will of the people. 

For those inclined to pray, perhaps a few prayers for Scott Brown (R), who is running for senator in Massachusetts to replace that moral icon Teddy Kennedy, can’t hurt.  He is within single digits of Martha Coakley, who is one of few people to score a 100% approval rating from ACORN.

A few ideas to keep you up at night  Are they accurate?  You decide.

You thought this nightmare might end at the polls in November.  What do the Democrats know that you don’t?  They have a plan.

Of course ObamaCare won’t cover illegals.  There won’t be any.

Will that matter if the healthcare is unobtainable?  Will insurance for all bring nothing but higher taxes and poorer quality care?

Arrogance, greed, and hunger for poawer are a terrible combination.


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