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Healthcare We Can All Believe In – Or Not

Posted by Nancy on February 11, 2010

Looks like we’ll get Democratic Healthcare reform after all, like it or not.

Nancy Pelosi’s top healthcare aide, Wendell Primus, is quoted in Congress Daily as saying the administration has already settled on a strategy to get the Senate version of the bill through without any opportunity for the Republicans to filibuster it.  It involves reconciliation, and Primus refers to it as “a trick.”

The House will approve the Senate bill, Obama will sign it, then the House and Senate will both pass amendments to the bill that will supercede the Senate version once it is passed and Obama signs it.

And you thought we had a representative form of government in the United States.

Conservative columnist Connie Hair noted Primus’ remarks and called the reconciliation strategy and the White House health care summit two big “rope-a-dope” plays that are “just another in a long charade of dog and pony shows.”

Hair says “the end game has already been decided behind closed doors by Democrats who have no intention of letting this opportunity for cradle to grave control over the American people slip away when it’s so close.”

So the important question here is, if the Democrats have already worked out what they are going to do and how, why is Obama calling for a healthcare summit with Republicans?


One Response to “Healthcare We Can All Believe In – Or Not”

  1. Christina said

    Please tell me the GOP is not so dumb as to allow this distraction technique to work!! Obviously the Dems have the numbers to do pretty much whatever they want, but I’d hope at the very least our republican leaders would make a very loud fuss about this!

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