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Trust Your Instincts

Posted by Nancy on March 10, 2010

Does the imbroglio over Toyota cars seem, well – a little over accelerated?

Have you had a nagging feeling that there was more to the story?  That someone had a lot to gain from Toyota’s pain, and they were orchestrating this from backstage somewhere?

Fear not.  Your instincts are alive and well.

“You are going to see an attack on Toyota that is unprecedented,” said Rome Aloise, a top Teamsters official.

Ah, the Teamsters.  What could they stand to gain by destroying the credibility of non-unionized Toyota?

And by the way, you do remember that in 2009 Ford recalled 4.5 million vehicles for cruise control problems, compared to Toyota’s 4.8 million recalls?  Right?  If you don’t it must be because Ford’s problems got no play in the media.  They are unionized and didn’t serve an agenda.

This is a long and wide-ranging article that lays out the timeline, the players, and the consequences.  Read it, then go drive your Toyota and don’t worry about the gas pedal.


One Response to “Trust Your Instincts”

  1. AprilMay said

    I love my Toyota, and I will buy another when I get a new car!

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