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It’s a Free Country….

Posted by liloladenvers on March 19, 2010

It’s a free country – at least, it used to be.

From another blog:

“Remember that little expression? “It’s a free country!” Remember when that was a common response to these petty tyrannies? Remember when any time anybody tried to tell you what you could and could not do we didn’t just whimper and apologize we used to turn to them and say, “Who died and made you king? This is a free country! I’ll do what I damn well please!”

Does this matter? Yes it does. Because freedom of action and personal responsibility are welded together, two sides of the same coin. When we are free to do as we please we become the kind of independent, self-reliant people who will step up in emergencies. And when we surrender our will to other people who live to tell us what to do, we then become dependent on being told what to do all the time.”

When conservatives (or pseudo-conservatives) had the White House, the House and the Senate, liberals freaked every day about how we were taking away all of their freedoms.  Between the Patriot Act and the definition of marriage we were evil wicked bad people who were trying to stop the free exercise of personal freedom.

It is fascinating that they don’t see the hypocrisy in the strictures they are and have been putting on us all.  Between environmentalists who think it’s more important to save a little fish than to water the food that will feed millions, and fat police who want to ban trans-fats and salt, politicians who think that the role of the federal government includes owning two automobile companies, a finance company ans several banks, and now a congress at the behest of the president that tells us that we MUST purchase health insurance and pay for the insurance of anyone who can’t afford it we have fewer and fewer freedoms every day!

Stand up!  It’s a free country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “It’s a Free Country….”

  1. The revolution must occur at the ballot boxes in 2010. We need strong voices who are unafraid to face the issues head on. I’m running for Congress in one of America’s most liberal districts and need your help. Please visit my website: Let’s roll. Here’s a link to my latest rally video:

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