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Weighing In

Posted by Nancy on May 11, 2010

Weighing in has more than one meaning, doesn’t it? 

Since we got a Wii a couple months back I have been weighing in almost every day as I take the body test and it tells me if I have gained or lost weight.  I’ve lost six pounds, but had to endure its smack talk on the days I backslide.

Last week I was on vacation the entire week and came back to find I weighed – exactly the same as when I left.  The Wii had nothing to say. I considered it quite an accomplishment, since vacations always seem to include too much food and not enough activity.  Relaxing on the beach doesn’t burn off a lot of calories. Not one word of congratulations from its rectangular white circuitry.

But back to weighing in.  Sometimes that means giving your opinion, asked for or not.  I’ve learned there are lots of times it’s better not to weigh in; the wise person observes instead of giving advice. I haven’t learned to be that wise person, though.

There’s a lot of political weighing in being done now, with opinions on Kagan for Supreme Court, Obama’s never ending bailout schemes, or how many seats the Republicans will pick up in November’s election. Boehner is now saying 130 seats could be in play, but not claiming Republicans will pick up that many.  That’s a lot of seats.  They only need, what – 47 to take back control of the house? 

Of course the Democrats are weighing in too,and their strategy for the November elections is still “It’s all Bush’s fault.”  They are nothing if not consistent.  Their luck may have run out on that meme though.

So here’s my opinion on what happens when your luck is good, as the Republicans’ is for the fall, and the gods are smiling on your team’s side.  You become confident; you believe in yourself; you try things you normally wouldn’t. You know there are so many who will win that any potential misstep you might make, or even your loss, won’t be the end of the world. 

Here’s a case in point from Tim Burns in Pennsylvania.  When’s the last time you saw a Pixar-knockoff political ad?

It doesn’t tell you a darned thing about the candidates or Pennsylvania, but it does get your attention.

Exit question: Is it negative campaigning when you aren’t saying anything bad about your opponent?  Well, except implying he would support the 50 foot tall Pelosi.


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