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9/12 March on DC

Posted by necessarygrace on September 13, 2010

Our family attended the 9/12 March on Washington DC again this year. The weather was soggy and there were fewer attendees than last year, but enthusiasm was high. Where last year the frustration was palpable and there was a desperation simply to be heard, this year everyone has November 2nd on their minds and people are ready for real change.

If you’ve never been to a Tea Party/ Conservative rally, I’d encourage you to go. Across the board the people are friendly and the sense of American pride and community is invigorating. And if you have kids, it’s an excellent educational opportunity too. A few pictures from our day:

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For more coverage of the 9/12 rally see:
Human Events: Pence at 9-12 D.C. Rally: ‘Give Them a November They’ll Never Forget’
Reason.TV: What We Saw at the 9/12 Tea Party Rally in DC
Townhall: FreedomWorks 9-12 March on DC


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