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Vote as if Your Life Depends on it

Posted by Nancy on September 23, 2010

There has been no more important election in my lifetime than the one we are facing this November.

We must work together to get out the Conservative vote – grass roots organizers from the right. The Constitution’s governing powers must be restored and respected.

After November we must remain diligent to ensure the new Congressional members do not become corrupted by Washington. They must govern with integrity or be removed themselves.

Remember in November

Very interesting. When you go to youtube and type in “Mourning in America” and hit enter, it brings up Reagan’s “Morning in America.” When you type it the second time it gives you what you want. I tried it three times with new browser windows – happened every time. A little political mischief going on there?


One Response to “Vote as if Your Life Depends on it”

  1. E. said

    No, they just figure people can’t spell.

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