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One Month Post-Election Report From Fly Over Country

Posted by Nancy on December 5, 2010

The election is over, the dust has settled, we’ve had time to ruminate over its consequences, and many of us are ecstatic.

The House Republicans, led by John Boehner of Ohio, seem primed to listen to the voters and legislate according to their positions.  What a change from San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi, who thought her constituents were representative of the entire country and crammed their ultra-liberal agenda down our collective throats the past two years.  Seems like we can breathe a little easier now.

The Senate Republicans, in a weaker position but still able to maintain a filibuster, are staying cohesive behind Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.  Must say I’m surprised at his performance, but he must have gotten religion too after seeing the returns. There may be hope for our country yet.

There is Change in the air too, and the media doesn’t like it.  They are back to attacking the Republicans with a vengeance.  But now that everyone has put their cards on the table and we know where they’re coming from, it doesn’t matter as much.  It just seems to be impotent ravings from insignifcant people.

We’re seeing a lot of Gadsden flags and bumper stickers with conservative sayings.  Things like “Socialism isn’t the change we had hoped for,” and “Repeal ObamaCare.”  A lot less political correctness and a lot more determination to save the republic.

What there isn’t much hope for are the moderate Republicans, also known as Democrat-lites or RINO’s.  They may be heading for extinction as the voters show their wrath at those who don’t “get it.”  Maybe it would help if they had a theme song to lift their spirits; I’m recommending this one.


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