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Guess I’m Not An Average Elected Official

Posted by Nancy on January 15, 2011

What an interesting article, and what a dismaying result it shows.

For five years now, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute has been conducting a national survey to gauge the quality of civic education in the country. We’ve surveyed more than 30,000 Americans, most of them college students, but also a random sample of adults from all educational and demographic backgrounds.

Included in the adult sample was a small subset of Americans (165 in all) who, when asked, identified themselves as having been “successfully elected to government office at least once in their life” — which can include federal, state or local offices.

And those dismaying results are that the general public scores 5% higher on the test than those who have been elected to office at least once in their lifetime.  Of course, 54% as opposed to 49% still isn’t good.  Can you do better?

To read the entire article and take the quiz yourself click here.


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