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CPAC Energizing Conservatives

Posted by Nancy on February 12, 2011

I spent the past three days at a state political convention.  Unfortunately, it was not the kind that helps select tomorrow’s leaders but the kind where you spend all day in class learning how to dispatch the responsibilities for which you are already elected.  It is an annual event, it is always informative, I always enjoy being there, but this time it took up time I would rather have been using to follow the goings on at CPAC.

At least I can do a little catching up via the internet.

Romney’s speech stuck to his strengths and the country’s weakness – the economy and job creation.  I always feel confident he could do better with getting us out of the economic morass we are in than anyone else and think he would be a good and honorable president.  His style of speaking is a *little stiff* though, and he was followed later  in the day by someone who both is dynamic and has a good message. 

If you haven’t already met Herman Cain, founder of Godfather’s Pizza and the only announced candidate for the presidency at this time, here is his speech. Notice all the standing ovations in the last third or so.

Whether he has a chance of winning the presidency or not, he is an inspiring speaker.  He pulls no punches in saying what he thinks, like “Stupid people are ruining America” (shortly after the eight minute mark).  Or “Democrats have no strategy, only three tactics,” which he calls SIN: switch the subject, ignore the facts, and name calling (shortly after the ten minute mark).

Glad he’s in the Conservative camp.  He’s saying things many are afraid to say.


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