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Rubio Calls Out Dems

Posted by Nancy on July 31, 2011

822 days without a budget proposal, then pressure the Republicans at the last minute knowing the media will support whatever the Democrats do.

Rubio nails it.  There’s nothing more to say.


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Argentina Can Teach Us a Lesson or Two

Posted by Nancy on July 26, 2011

We can learn a lot from Argentina.  Like, did you know that in 1902 it challenged the United States for the position of second riches nation in the world (Great Britain was first), and now it is an impoverished nation?  Or, did you know that in 1989 inflation in Argentina hit 3000%?

What could possibly account for such a dramatic change of fortune?  Could it be the same redistributionist forces that are currently plaguing the United States, just decades ahead of us?

I found this great Power Point presentation on  It was made from a post on DougRoss@Journal.  I can’t get it to imbed so you’ll have to follow the link – sorry – but it’s worth the effort and the long loading time.  A real history lesson on what can happen when a government forces mandatory pensions, health care, low income housing, and other government handouts until the country is bankrupt.  Oh, and don’t forget massive union support.

With so many worldwide examples of why this doesn’t work from the past 100 years, how can leftists still believe that THIS TIME it will be different.  THIS TIME it will work.

Click the bottom line link.  Then click on the pictures to advance them.

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Argentina’s past can become our future, if we let it.

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A Primer for Liberals

Posted by Nancy on July 18, 2011

The Weekly Standard has an explanatory column by Noemie Emery about the difference between goods and rights, and how the Left has conflagrated them into one.  The Bill of Rights makes no mention of health care, a good job, home ownership, or many of the other “rights” progressives would have us believe are ours.  They are goods, and as such must be earned and involve trade-offs.  It is so basic it should be recommended reading for every liberal you know.

Read the whole article HERE

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