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The Staff

Christina is a  first-generation Conservative, a wife and mother of four.  She is a career stay-at-home mom with a blog and a lot of opinions!  She believes every American has a voice and a right to be heard and that people aren’t served well when the media puts their own political agenda ahead of objective truth.  Her hope is that in some very small way we can provide just a bit of balance through this blog. 

Jeanne is a mom to two little boys, one born in Korea, the other in Vietnam.  She is a disabled veteran who has served this nation in a professional capacity for 20+ years.  She is also a budding novelist and has a series of suspense stories that come with a twist of espionage – either that, or she just loves sitting at Starbucks writing on her laptop. 

Katie is a former technical writer who edited the work of engineers working on a Homeland Security project.  She is now a stay-at-home mom to four sons age 5 and younger, and has discovered a talent for textile artistry to fill her idle seconds.  Yeah, that means she sews.

Michelle is a 42-year-old, Christian stay-at-home-mom to six, ages 7-18.  She homeschools her three youngest children, while the older three go to public high school and college.  Her youngest child was adopted from Hubei, China in 2002, and she and her husband are currently trying to adopt their seventh child from the Marshall Islands.  She is also an adult adoptee, and met her birth mother and her family for the first time when she was 26, so all things adoption-related are important to her.  She has been married for 19 years to a wonderful, funny man and has three adult stepchildren and almost four grandchildren.  So her life revolves mainly around home and family.  Michelle doesn’t especially like politics, which makes contributing here kind of amusing.  She thinks of herself as a writer (albeit with bad grammar) who is just too busy doing other things . . . like laundry and school, and . . .  Nope.  That’s pretty much it.

Nancy lives in the great midwest and is the mother of four and a grandmother many times over.  She has a love of writing and of all things political, and believes a good education is the most important thing you can give a child. 

Tami is a recovering journalist who loves her new life as a wife and mother. She used to make a living chasing the big story and even bigger storms. Now by day she chases after four amazing, smart, beautiful and active kids, and by night she writes about her addiction to anything political.

Elaine is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to five kids, ages still in diapers to “Why can’t I watch iCarly again?????”   Elaine’s interest in politics was first ignited by her former hippie, high school American History teacher who had the good graces to admit it when she’d back him and his liberal claptrap into a corner he couldn’t get out of.  While life and motherhood have been quite the distraction from most things political, she feels it’s time to dive back in.  Though you wouldn’t know it from her misuse of commas and the words “lie” and “lay,” Elaine has a degree in English and Journalism and used both professionally for a short time before moving up to the glamorous life of the American house frau.  But she can’t sew.

Lilola says she is always right and never wrong and knows everything, so decided to send her musings out into the cosmos and see what falls back.  As you can see, she has a wry sense of humor and a great love of life.


One Response to “The Staff”

  1. A new video from the “One Single Payer System” guy:


    If I should take a notion
    To cause a little commotion
    Well, it ain’t Obamas business if I do
    If I go down to a town hall meet
    Give my Congressman some heat
    Well, it ain’t Obamas business if I do

    If I disagree Im a Nazi fascist
    And probably a closet racist
    Ain’t Pelosis business what I do
    Harry says Im evil-mongering
    Id say his skin is getting thin
    Ain’t Harry Reids business what I do

    Politicians get this thought that its not okay
    For folks to criticize ’em
    But people you can say just what you want to anyway
    And if theyre wrong you just chastise ’em

    Forget the folks you represent
    And that pesky first amendment
    Think it ain’t our business what you do
    Next year folks might be desiring
    That you just might be retiring
    Cause it is our business what you do

    They would like no matter what
    If you would learn to keep your mouth shut
    Well, it ain’t nobodys business if you do
    It really happened pretty quick
    Dissent became unpatriotic
    Cause it aint your business,
    it ain’t his business
    It ain’t her business,
    it ain’t their business
    It ain’t Obamas business if I do

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