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Reform? Right.

Posted by liloladenvers on December 21, 2009

This is how I feel today, almost.  I”m not alone, 60% of the people in this country are with me, but the tanks of Congress keep rolling over us with the healthcare bill.  The Dems in the Senate who disagreed with some portion of the bill have been bought and paid for.  They let their voicemail boxes stay full so they wouldn’t have to listen to any more protests.  They ignored the emails flooding in, the turned a blind eye to the protesters outside and the constituents inside their office building pleading with them to stop.  There is no crisis that can be stayed by passage before Christmas, there is nothing, NOTHING, in the bill that will give more affordable, easier to obtain health care to anyone in the next three years.

So, I am dressed all in black today, head to toe.  In mourning ( I hope prematurely) for our country, our flag and our way of life.  Too many bills denying our freedoms, the greatest of which is this garbage filled health care bill.


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The Dole

Posted by liloladenvers on November 15, 2009

Everything goes back to music for me; there is a song for every situation.  And I finally found one that explains the “moocher” class that has grown in this country.  Welfare, foodstamps, Medicaid, affirmative action, WIC, government cheese.  All seems to be beneficial, they are helping out the disadvantaged, the unfortunate, until they can get back on their feet.

But that isn’t the way it works.  What really happens is that they are stuck, bound, chained into a life of dependence.  It’s a life from which they cannot escape and that they believe they deserve.

How do they get out of the chains that bind them?  It’s very difficult, especially if their dependence has been going on for years, even generations.  We help people with other addictions.  There are 12-step programs and interventions to get them out from under the monkey on their back.  But we are not doing anything to get them off the dole.  And they don’t see any way out.  Why?

They owe their souls to the company store.

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It’s time to speak up for those who have no voice

Posted by necessarygrace on January 12, 2009

The coronation of Barack Obama is only one week away. He made a promise to put one piece of legislation at the very top of his priority list. We need to see to it that this bill never reaches his desk.

What can you do? Contact your Senators and Representatives.

Sign this petition to Fight FOCA.

Spread the word. The time for election fatigue is past … if we don’t get involved, hundreds of thousands of lives could be lost.

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Thanksgiving Message from an American Patriot

Posted by Nancy on November 26, 2008

Common Sense.

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Veterans Day is More Than A Day Off

Posted by Nancy on November 11, 2008

Freedom is not free.  Remember our veterans today and thank them for your freedom.

Dedicated to my father, who served in World War II, and my husband, who served in Vietnam, retired from the Air Force, and owns a drawer full of shirts with eagles on them. How sweet that we now have a Vietnamese grandson.

Pray that our country remains strong and free in the coming years.

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FEMA – 1, Local Government – 0

Posted by Nancy on November 8, 2008

My weekend is going to be a lot less stressful than I had anticipated.  That would be because yesterday I mmade a reality chick and admitted there is no way I can get this FEMA grant done in time for Monday’s deadline.

I made that decision after spending Friday morning working on it and trying to get someone, anyone, at EMA headquarters for the state to answer a phone call.  You see, I still had questions.  Lots of questions.  And no one answered their hone.  And no one returned a call.  And I had to sit there and look at all the things I didn’t know and decide I can only beat my head against this wall for so long before I knock myself unconscious.

In the grand scheme of FEME things I cam not trying to procure alot of money – maybe $125,000.  But my gosh, this poor guy’s house gets flooded lamost every year.  Doesn’t that count for something?  I can’t figure a way around the fact he doesn’t show up in their flood plain, which doesn’t have a certified base level but doesn’t stop them for using it as Gospel.  Maybe there is a way, but until someone answers their phones and my questions I will never know.

So, I packed it all up and gave up.  What a discouraging feeling.

Meanwhile, the township’s fiscal officer is wading htrough paperwork to try and recoup about $50,000 in expenses to the township from the windstorm in September.  Her stack of paper is as thick as mine, but then I had a 40 page online application to deal using my stack of documentation and she “just” has to fill out the paperwork hiding among hers.  I ffel her pain.

FEMA is a four letter word to both of us.

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A New Four-Letter Word

Posted by Nancy on November 6, 2008

For those of you who think they want the government to provide their health care, boy do I have a word for you.  It has four letters and starts with “F.”

Yep.  That’s it.  FEMA.  As in the acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  I don’t want any government that invented this to have authority over my medical care. 

“Just fill out the online application and we will start treatment for your heart attack.  You’re number 437 for the next available computer.”

I have attended meetings on eligibility for FEMA flood grants, a workshop on how to do the required cost/benefit analysis, and one-on-ones with the homeowner we are trying to help.  The homeowner whose house has flooded five out of the last six years.  The homeowner whose house will probably continue to flood unless something is done. 

I have spent innumerable hours on the phone with various county and state employees, gleaning esoteric information they just have to have.  I have spent even more hours days actually working on the cost/benefit analysis software (give it an award for being some of the least user-friendly software invented by man) and the online grant application itself.  I am trying to get a grant to buy this house and tear it down, since changes in the watershed appear to have caused intractable flooding problems. 

The deadline is Monday, and it’s not looking good for getting it done by then.

I had Hope earlier in the day, until the newly certified first floor elevation reading showed the house is one foot too high to qualify.  You see, if your house isn’t in their flood plain you are out of luck.  It also doesn’t seem to matter that they themselves don’t have a certified base elevation for their flood plain to justify what is and what isn’t a flood area.

So I started in a different module of the program, using a USDA flood map and trying to justify the grant through repetitive losses.  That one came out even worse.  I need to talk to someone at state EMA tomorrow and see what I am doing wrong.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe this is what I get for all this work – booted before the project even qualifies to apply.

Oh, and let’s not even talk about the historic preservation/endangered species section.  I don’t think there are too many endangered species living in this guy’s yard, but who have I talked to in order to document that?  Where is my attached justification?  Not to mention that he lives near a historic road, for crying out loud.  I need documention to show that the project won’t have any adverse effect on the road.

I like a challenge, but I’ve decided that FEMA is the most bureaucratic agency I have ever dealt with.  I have dealt with a lot, and I haven’t found a federal one yet that is user friendly for the average person.

Keep that in mind when they start talking Universal Health Care.  In the federal government service doesn’t go to the person who needs it most, but to the one who knows how to work the system best.

If I were a drinking woman I would be hitting the bottle pretty hard right now.  Instead, I am going shopping.  Nothing like a little retail therapy.

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It’s Voting Day in Ohio and the Machine Didn’t Work

Posted by Nancy on November 4, 2008

My entire life I voted using a paper punch card ballot.  Quick, painless, reliable, and easily tabulated.

Then some presidential candidate in 2000 claimed that any little nick near his name was a vote that wasn’t counted, and we endured endless pictures of people staring at hanging chads, dented chads, and every other kind of chad you can image.  Why didn’t someone have the gumption to say “there are probably an equal number of voters who don’t know how to punch a ballot on both sides, so let’s just call it even.”

No-ooo.  The would-be-president was certain his voters were more inept and incompetent than the other guy’s voters, so they needed to keep looking for those “intended” votes, and only in the counties of his choosing, please.  To give him a better chance, don’t you know. 

Well, we all know how that ended, and that the media reviewed those outcomes for months and decided Mr. Sore Loser would have lost no matter how they had counted the votes.  They never really reported that though, since that wasn’t what they had hoped to find.  “Election Results Accurate” just wasn’t part of their game plan, and didn’t make nearly as good a story as “Election Stolen by Ignorant Reprobate.”

Anyway, to make a long story short, my nice dependable punch card ballots were deemed unacceptable because of this and I now vote on an expensive-to-operate-and-cumbersome-to-transport optical scan machine.  You just take a pen and fill in the bubble next to your preferred candidate’s name and stick it into the slot to be counted.  The slot of the optical scan machine that isn’t working today.

These machines tend to be reliably cranky, but today the machine for my precinct flat out went on strike.

First I got a call from my daughter, upset that the machine wouldn’t take hers and her husband’s ballots, as well as about half the others who voted while they were there.  They were instructed to put them in the “provisional ballot” slot to be tabulated later.

By the time I got there about fifteen minutes later the machine was accepting almost no ballots, then jammed and retired from service for the day. 

“Just put your ballot in the provisional slot,” I was told by my precinct worker/neighbor.

“Okay,” I croaked back, the laryngitis still strangling my speaking ability.  I then addid, “But the provisional slot is almost full and it is only 9:30 in the morning.  What will you do when it is full?”

Deer in the headlights looks all around.

“I don’t know what we’ll do, but they usually come out about halfway through the day and take the provisional ballots, so they’ll empty it then,” replied the same neighbor/worker.

“But it’s almost full now,” I press on.  “It won’t make it till halfway through the day.”

The workers acknowledge I am right, then tell me how they will have to somehow get the ballots through the machine to get an accurate count at the end of the day.  Or maybe they will bring them another machine in the middle of the day. 

Meanwhile, the machine beeps forlornly with annoying regularity, causing me to wonder how the workers will stand it for hours on end.  They can tape paper over its slot so no one tries to put their ballots in and have them counted, but they can’t get it to shut up.

Probably deep in its innards it is having a cup of hot cocoa and watching reruns of I Love Lucy or something.  And laughing.

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Playing on the Black Notes

Posted by Nancy on November 2, 2008

I had to get someone else to play the organ for me in church today – cold, laryngitis, fever etc.  All is not right with the world when I miss church, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Playing the hymns isn’t as important as not sharing the germs.

So, in celebration of Sunday I am giving you this gift.  It is an amazing performance by Wintley Phipps, an ordained minister and founder of The Dream Academy to help the children of convicts.  He understands history, but draws strength from it to move ahead rather than nurturing past wounds.

Mr. Phipps has performed for Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela as well as presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Bush.  Perhaps he will perform for our next president as well.

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News Flash! Chicken Little Still Okay

Posted by Nancy on September 30, 2008

“The sky will fall if we don’t get a $700 billion bailout bill passed by Monday,” cried Chicken Little.

The miscreants in the Senate were agreeable, but the House defeated it by 12 votes, bless their souls (only the souls of those who voted against it – the others may just possibly not own souls to bless).

The stock market tanked 780 points and the television pundits went crazy.  The sky truly had fallen and the world as we knew it had come ot an end!

Today the stock market gained back more than 400 points, the sun shone again, and there is still no $700 billion bailout.  Meanwhile, back at the House:

Today we have the absurdity of former Goldman Sachs CEO, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, with the urging of former Goldman Sachs CEO, Clinton Administration Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin, and former Goldman Sachs CEO, former New Jersey Senator, now New Jersey Governor, John Corzine, former CEO of Goldman and head of the World Bank, Steve Friedman, former Goldman CEO John Whitehead, and former Goldman alum White House Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, urging the Federal government to write a check for $700 billion in order to secure financial stability for Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs.

Hang in there, Chicken Little.  We may just survive this yet, if the politicians will keep on getting nothing accomplished.  I don’t have much faith in that happening, though.  They always think they have to “do something,” even if that something means socializing the nation’s economic system.

Unrelated, I found a good video on my favorite PUMA website today.  I can’t get it to embed so you will have to follow the link – it is only a 30 second spot. Would you buy a used car from this man?

In the real world, happy birthday to two of my favorite grandchildren, one turning nine today and the other eleven.

I spent a few more hours cleaning up downed limbs in the park this morning, attended a county-wide township dinner this evening, and fought a headache all day. 

The headache is winning.  Bummer.

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