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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Vultures

Posted by Nancy on July 10, 2008


                                                        h. pylori

The prescription is for medicine to wipe out h. pylori, the bacteria that causes gastritis and ulcers.  It is for two common antibiotics and Prevacid, a common proton pump inhibitor that reduces gastric acid production.  Together they kill these bugs that live in the stomach and attack its lining. 

The prescription is for them packaged together under the name PrevPak.  “This way it is easier to take all the medicines in the right amount at the right time,” the doctor said.   “This way it is easier for the pharmaceutical company to soak the consumer for an antibiotics that are out of patent and can be purchased dirt cheap by themselves,” I thought.

I have taken the prescription to four different places and no one has it in stock.  I finally asked how much it is going to cost if/when I finally find someone who has it and was told they wouldn’t know unless they rang it through the system.  I waited while the clerk rang it through the system, although I didn’t have her order it.

Shock!  My CO-PAY will be $30!

The two antibiotics in this formulary are so common that one of our local mega-stores has them on their list of medications they will dispense for FREE to anyone with a prescription.  But they can’t fill it that way because it wasn’t written that way, and the doctor declined to write it that way when asked to.  (What’s that all about?)

So, do I go without?  I’m not really having symptoms right now, but have in the past.  Maybe they won’t come back?  Then again, I had about three years of sometimes agonizing pain that was only relieved when I was given antibiotics for bronchitis last year.  But those weren’t a long enough regimen to kill off h. pylori permanently.

I guess I will keep looking for somewhere to get it filled – after I get back from Amish country.


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Really Cool Results

Posted by Nancy on July 5, 2008

When is the last time you remember a Fourth of July where the temperature didn’t manage to climb out of the 60’s?  Never?  Me neither.

Cool temperatures were perfect for painting the kitchen yesterday; we could leave the windows open so the fumes could dissipate and the breeze helped with the drying time.  Unfortunately the humidity from all the rain didn’t help, but who wants to turn on the air conditioning when it’s 65 just to remove the humidity?

Didn’t think so.

We got the ceiling scrubbed and painted, all the frou-frou stuff on top of the cabinets taken down and washed, and the cabinets themselves scrubbed and new shelf paper put up.  Bud did the painting, but I did a mighty fine job of standing back and telling him what he had missed with the roller, since it was nigh on to impossible to tell from on the ladder.  (I wasn’t nitpicking – he asked me to do it.)

Unfortunately, the light and fan did not make it up.  The unit is all assembled, but the electric box needs to be replaced before Bud can install it.  The box sits about half an inch too low from the ceiling.  Hmm.  Looks like this is going to require a reconnaisance mission into the attic, but I’m afraid that will have to wait a couple days.

This morning we’re off to Doug’s for the move and the pool party, and tomorrow is the blessing and the pond party.  It looks like a warming trend is finally coming our way, with a high of 80 today and 85 tomorrow, so we may actually be able to get in the water without freezing.  

We may have a real summer yet.

This weather has not been kind to my garden.  The tomato plants are the biggest I have ever seen this early in the season, but they’re all leaves with almost no blossoms or tomatoes.  They love hot days and warm nights, and they aren’t getting them.  The peppers are struggling too, and the weeds are almost impossible to control from all the rain. 

I found another really good article on global_warming yesterday.  I have also decided to add to my list of links because I read it daily and am fascinated with the science behind the issue.  I don’t always understand it, but it is enlightening to read anyway.

As for Al Gore and his Nobel Peace Prize?  Watch this and see what you think:


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Thursday Ramblings

Posted by Nancy on June 26, 2008

Hmmm, where to start.  I guess the beginning is as good a place as any.

My day started with a 6:30 a.m. appointment for some routine medical diagnostics.  Let’s just say because my father died of colon cancer I am supposed to get checked every five years.  I waited six years this time – some things you just don’t rush into.  The doctor also did an endoscopy to check for gastritis at the same time, since I’ve had problems before and there’s no use wasting a good anesthesia-induced sleep. 

All is well.  And if you should be getting yourself checked out don’t hesitate.  The day previous is a little rugged, but the procedure itself doesn’t last long and you’re asleep anyway.  I didn’t even see them hook the line into my IV, let alone start the anesthesia.

I’m not supposed to drive for the rest of the day, or make any legal decisions, or do anything of importance since my thinking might be impaired from the anesthesia.  Uh, right.  That feeling lasted for about 15 minutes.  An hour’s nap and I’m back to normal, or at least what passes for normal for me.

Drew called later this morning and put four of us on a conference call to plan Saturday’s dinner to celebrate his birthday.  That’s not a legal decision and probably isn’t of earth shattering importance, so I went ahead and helped plan the party.  Planning birthday parties is pretty routine , what with 24 people in the family and birthdays popping up fairly often. 

What was amazing was that he knows how to put us all on a conference call on a cell phone.  I need to have him show me how to do that.  I know, I know….I’m showing my ignorance again.

I’m going to a zoning hearing at 2:00 this afternoon to support residents who don’t want to see a small trailer court get permission to expand.  There have been problems with what is there and they don’t want to see it enlarge.  I’m getting a ride, so don’t worry; I will follow the doctor’s orders not to drive.  The nurse told me I might fall asleep if I went to a meeting, but I think this one will be too raucous for any napping.

The BIG NEWS of the day is (drumroll, please) Doug and Lolly are closing on their house at 2:30 this afternoon!  Yay!!!!  They are already talking about window treatments and furniture placement, so all they need now are the keys, a truck, some boxes, and some time.  Oh, and Lolly’s furniture to arrive from out west.  That will be in mid-July, so they will have time to move incremenatlly, which will probably make the process a little easier.  I am so excited for them.

Doug said Lolly sees the layout of the rooms differently than he does, with the computer in the back room and the front room used as a formal sitting room instead of the other way around (I agree with her 1,000%, by the way).  Anyway, I like what he said next.

“I will just have to keep talking to her about it until she decides to see it her way.”  I heard her laughing in the background.

He will be a good husband.

He was excited that when they went grocery shopping last night Lolly complained about the cost of a jar of olives.  She said it was 20 cents more here than out west.  She watches prices and tries to save money!  Oh, joy!  He knew she was like that, but to go shopping together and see it in action warmed the cockles of his heart.

She will be a good wife.

And that’s the news from my little corner of the world.

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What’s That Barney Song?

Posted by Nancy on June 20, 2008

Everybody was cleaning up Drew and Kelli’s house today. By the time I got there she and her mother had finished scrubbing all the carpets and we got down to serious work.

Unfortunately Murphy and his Law were in operation today, starting with Doug’s dog pulling a disappearing act while I was loading the car to leave and putting me even further behind schedule than I already was. Nothing like wandering the neighborhood looking for a runaway when you want to be on the road.

That was followed by problems with the paint color for the bathrooms that required a return trip to Sherwin-Williams, a broken paint roller that required another trip, two layers of wallpaper border in the kitchen that didn’t want to let loose and come off etc. Tenacity prevailed though, and one bathroom is done and the kitchen is ready to paint. Unfortunately, we had hoped to paint two and a half baths, the kitchen, living room, and dining room over two days.  We’re a little whole lot behind schedule.

Bob and Sharon came down for a visit in the afternoon, and he helped get the broken glass out of the sidelight by the front door – where the firemen broke in to assist the previous tenant in some emergency. Those tenants left the place a mess for Kelli’s parents but it is coming together pretty well. The cigarette burns in the carpet in the family room will require an area rug, but the smell of smoke is mostly gone and most of the other damage has been repaired.

Drew and Paul are supposed to be leaving Utah late tonight or early tomorrow to drive home. They have a van loaded with “stuff” and are towing their car loaded with more “stuff.” I hope all goes well on their trip.

I am pretty exhausted tonight after climbing up and down the ladder a million times (or so it seemed) to get that #$%! wallpaper border off. Soak, scrape with a putty knife, repeat, scrub with a cloth and an abrasive pad, wash, spackle, then sand. It had better look nice when it is done.  What I would really like to be doing is yard work, since that is my favorite thing to do and there are some overgrown bushes and some bare flower beds that need some plants.  There are still some nurseries with bedding plants for sale, so tomorrow I may have to take a few minutes and at least do the little bed by the front door.

The house is very nice – four bedrooms, two and a half baths, LR, DR, K, FR, full basement, and two car garage. It is on a busy street, but has a nice yard with a very large screened in back porch – ideal for K~. 

Speaking of K~, nothing humbles you as much as babysitting a 19 month old who is trying to communicate with you via sign language when you don’t know any.  Kelli is studying sign language and is teaching it to the baby. So, out of necessity I am now learning a little too. I know milk, juice, apple, peach, food, more, grandma, pizza, walk, and maybe a few more. She knows more though, and gets frustrated when I don’t know what she is trying to say. To heck with that smarter than a fifth grader stuff – I’m being beaten by a baby.

I am staying at Doug’s tonight and helping again tomorrow, then going home in the evening to get ready for the township cleanup day on Saturday. Nine to one, outside, helping people get rid of their junk. I hope I make it.

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Pound Puppy Blues

Posted by Nancy on June 19, 2008

I took Doug’s dog to a local kennel before we went to Utah, figuring Doug would be gone two weeks and there was no sense in leaving Cole in prison any longer than necessary.  I may not be good for much, but at least I can dog sit.

I sprang him from confinement yesterday and figured he would be excited to see me.  He was, sort of. 

This is a dog with boundless energy and limitless enthusiasm who normally prances through life.  He isn’t that way right now.  When I got him he jumped up to say hello, but after that he just sat in the car and panted.  When we got home he went in the house and quietly laid down and didn’t move.  That is pretty much what he has done for two days now.

He stays in whatever room I’m in, but just lies there.  Talk about your mixed blessing – it’s nice to have him so quiet, but it’s sad to see him so passive.  I figure he will return to his former obnoxious playful self soon enough, but meanwhile he isn’t showing much interest in life.

Maybe he’s trying to be good so he won’t be put back in jail.

Meanwhile, I am sliding back into life and work.  I spent all afternoon and most of the evening yesterday at the township office, working on zoning changes, answering phones and emails, talking with the auditors, and participating in a work session.  I enjoy it all and feel privileged to be a part of our democracy, no matter how small a part it is.

Today is painting day at Drew and Kelli’s house.  I have done a MapQuest on it and hope to find it with no trouble.

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Pit Run and Puppy Prison

Posted by Nancy on June 9, 2008

Almost four hours in a meeting with a representative from the township’s architectural firm this eveing.  Gaaahhh! 

Not only was it long, but it was not good news.  We have been so happy to have a piece of ground that is flat so we don’t have to pay a lot for site preparation, now he comes along and tells us there will be drainage problems and we will have to elevate the fire station about four feet.  And just how many square yards of pit run gravel will that take?

All together now – prohibitively expensive.  I don’t know if this is a stake in the heart of the project or just another problem to be dealt with.

I got a call from my future daughter-in-law near the end of the meeting asking if I would rather have a manicure/pedicure this Friday or a massage.  Hmmm.  Tough decision.  She has been given certificates for two manicures and pedicures and one massage, and is sharing them with her mother and me.  Looks like she will get the massage and her mom and I will get beautiful nails.  Should be fun.

I need to pack early tomorrow in case my meeting runs long again.  I also need to take Doug’s dog to the kennel, or “puppy prison” as we have been calling it.  I’m sure he won’t be happy, but it can’t be helped.  I will take him late in the day and then retrieve him early next Tuesday.

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One Week and Counting

Posted by Nancy on June 7, 2008

Katie is now taking voice lessons from Jill and has made tremendous progress in just over a month.  She brought some music over yesterday for me to practice so I can accompany her, and it is O mio babbino caro from Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicchi.  The accompaniment is going to take some work, but she sings it pretty effortlessly.

My daughter singing opera?  She is doing it with aplomb, and hitting that high A flat with no difficulty.  Shows what a little guidance can do for you, and I’m proud of her for doing it.

Doug and the kids left for home about 8:30 this evening and the next time I see them will be in Las Vegas.  Plans have changed again and we will be leaving for Hurricane as soon as we get off the plane to have dinner with Lolly’s family.  The lights of Las Vegas will have to wait, either for the night before we fly back home or for the next trip.  Either way, doesn’t matter. 

The wedding is a week from today.  I can’t wait.


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What The World Needs Now…

Posted by Nancy on June 2, 2008



They opened a new counseling center in my little town recently, and there was an open house today.  I received an invitation for the event at my township office and decided to go.

What a surprise was in store! 

One of the therapists took me on a tour, and I was immediately struck by the serene atmosphere upon entering the building.  What made it so serene, besides his calm demeanor, the cool colors, and the nice furnishings you ask? 

It was an overtly religious atmosphere.

The building was replete with a number of crosses and many family-friendly sayings, some very artistically stencilled on the walls and others engraved on plaques.  There were Chinese symbols for joy, peace, and love stencilled on one therapist’s wall.  There were religious pictures on the walls.

Most importantly, there was a palpable feeling of respect for the soul that inhabits the body of a troubled person, with the attending feeling that the whole person will be treated.

Oh, that all therapists had such an outlook on what we need.  Our society needs psychological professionals who see us as children of a loving Heavenly Father, as physical repositories for eternal spirits instead of just bodies with appetites to be trained. 

It is difficult to get through college without being force fed a humanistic point of view, especially in fields such as psychology.  A friend who is religious and a social worker said she had to hide her conservative and religious points of view while working toward her degree in order to be accepted into the program.  She said they do not allow such views in.  I noticed one of the counselors graduated from a Christian college; perhaps they all did.

I wish them well, and am pleased to have them in the community.  My little town seemed a lot bigger this evening because of their presence.

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Sweets and Treats

Posted by Nancy on May 20, 2008

I took a break this afternoon from my petunia planting, to check out the new ice cream parlor that opened nearby less than two weeks ago.  Their sign says “24 flavors of soft serve ice cream.”

Okay, it’s not really ice cream if it’s soft serve, but it’s worth a try anyway.  I asked for their recommendation, and they said a peach smoothie was their favorite.  I took their advice.  Good choice.  I will go back, maybe often.

I could enjoy the ice cream more if it would warm up, though.  Here it is the third week in May and the high today was only 60.  Not only that, it’s supposed to be in the 60s till the end of the week.  Then it will make it into the 70s and maybe an 80 reading over the weekend, before falling back down again!  Good grief!  It should be warm by now and I’m tired of waiting. 

So, I checked the weather in St. George, figuring I will be flying there in three weeks and it has to be warm there.  Right?  Oh yeeaaah.  It’s 97 degrees there right now.

But wait.  What’s this?  Tomorrow’s high is 72?  Then the highs are going to be in the 60s for several days?  Then the 70s again?  Gahhh!  Al Gore will not be happy!  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s what we used to call, years ago when I was young, WEATHER.  It changed from year to year, from decade to decade, from century to century (no I’m not that old, but some records are).

On another note, the township work session scheduled for this evening has been cancelled because one of my fellow trustees is out of town and the other had to take his mother to the hospital this afternoon after she fell in her home.  I hope she is okay.  I will get to leave early (read: in the daylight) for once to go to Doug’s, though. 

I am taking beads and things with me to make jewelry for the wedding, although we may have to do that next week.  Z~ and I will be coming home tomorrow so I can attend a meeting and won’t go back until Friday so she can spend some time playing with cousins.  (Come down Thursday if you can, Elaine.) 

Doug is coming down over the weekend, at least for a couple days so he can be here Sunday when tentative plans are to bless Katie’s youngest in church.  I haven’t heard yet whether she was able to finalize those plans.

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An Olio of Oddities

Posted by Nancy on May 18, 2008

* Blogging would be so much easier if I had children at home to give me ideas, like Elaine’s blog today about the five legged elephant.  She and Katie crack me up with some of the things they write about.  Doug was keeping me entertained too, then he met Lolly and got too busy to blog.  Maybe once they’re married he will find time to blog every now and then? 

*  I had my first appointment for a temple recommend renewal today, and have the second part scheduled for Thursday.  It will be good to have that done before the last minute for the wedding.

* Anita took flowers from my yard for the altar at church today.  Why is it when I pick flowers and bring them in they just look like something stuck in a vase, but when she takes the same flowers it looks like someone bought them for a florist?  Guess I need to practice – either that or continue to enjoy them in their informal beauty.

* American_thinker has become my favorite website, and I found this and this there today.  When I started blogging I told myself i would stay out of politics, but with the presidential election coming up and all I’m finding that pretty hard to do.  I am still managing to stay out of local politics though, except an occasional mention of having to go to a meeting.  Like this Wednesday, when I will have to drive back from Doug’s with Z~ so I can attend a meeting with the architect about the new fire station.

*  I’ve noticed that pork prices are really down right now, so I’m stocking up.  I have read several articles saying the reason prices are down is because grain prices are so high and pork producers are thinning their herds (is that the right word? – herds of pigs?) instead of paying to feed them.  Prices are expected to climb rapidly – a word to the wise.

*  This has been the coolest spring we have had in a long time (blame it on global warming, which reminds me of another website, one that actually looks at the science and laughs out loud at Al Gore and the whole crazy idea).  This spring has been very wet, too, and we had so much rain last night my garden is a mud pit.  Good for the plants and seeds I put out yesterday, bad for getting the rest out tomorrow.

*  Tomorrow I am supposed to go with the township administrator to buy plants and put them in the ground in front of the township office building and along the stone walls into the plat.  We may have to put that off till later in the week; but it is supposed to rain then too.  We’ll have to see how the ground is tomorrow.

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